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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending June 3, 2022

August 2nd Primary Election Update

Late last Friday, a three-judge federal panel for the Southern District of Ohio ordered the implementation of the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s approved February 24, 2022, Third District Map for Ohio House, Ohio Senate, and State Central Committee districts and declared that Ohio’s primary election for these offices will be held on August 2, 2022.

“The court’s order eliminates any lingering uncertainty and sets the remainder of the 2022 election year in motion," said LaRose. “My office and our partners at the 88 county boards of elections are already working this weekend to implement these directives. Despite the unprecedented delays and challenges we’ve faced this year, we remain committed to giving Ohioans the accessible election they expect and the confidence in the integrity of that election which they deserve.”

In response to the court order, Secretary LaRose sent out a directive to the boards of elections with guidance on proceeding with the August 2nd primary election. Read more.

Find My District: Voters can view the new district maps using a new tool on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website at

Find my district feature

Ensuring American Elections Are for American Citizens Only

Wednesday, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed HJR 4, a proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting noncitizens from voting in state and local elections. The Ohio House approved the proposed amendment through a joint resolution last week, and it now heads to the November general election ballot, where a simple majority of Ohioans can enshrine this principle into the Ohio Constitution.

Secretary LaRose issued the following statement:

“To reiterate, Ohio elections are only for Ohio citizens. The right to vote is sacrosanct and fundamental to what citizenship means in America and is why so many immigrate from around the world to the U.S., wait their turn in line, and go through the laborious citizenship process so they too can participate in this hallmark of democracy.

“I am grateful for the leadership of Senator Blessing, Representative Seitz and Representative Edwards on this issue, and for ensuring that the voters of Ohio will make the final determination on this matter come November. I am confident that the vast majority of Ohioans will agree and will refuse to cheapen this distinctly American right we all hold so dear.”

In 2020, the Village of Yellow Springs exposed ambiguity in Ohio’s constitution when it attempted to allow non-citizens the right to vote in local elections. While Secretary LaRose instructed the Greene County Board of Elections to reject the voter registrations and ballots cast by noncitizens, it has become abundantly clear that this remains a weakness in Ohio election administration. Without the clarity provided in the Amendment, future Secretaries of State might choose to agree to bestow the precious, uniquely American right to vote to people who are not American citizens.

Secretary LaRose spoke to a group of immigrants this week who are learning English as a second language at First Baptist Church in Grove City. The group, representing multiple nationalities, was celebrating the end of their series of language courses. The Secretary spoke to them about the importance of becoming American citizens, the power of the vote, and their role in shaping a stronger America together.

“They are earning their citizenship and eventually the right to vote,” said LaRose. “We welcome them into our American family, but must never cheapen their hard work by giving voting rights to non-citizens.”

Watch his remarks.

Post-Election Audits Begin

Boards of Elections throughout the state have started conducting post-election audits of the May 3rd election.

Upon taking office, Secretary LaRose directed all county boards of elections to conduct a post-election audit after each and every election. Doing so ensures our elections are secure, boosts voter confidence in the results, and holds each board accountable for the integrity and accuracy of the election.

Learn about Ohio's post-election audit process.

Warning to Ohio Voters

Secretary LaRose has issued a warning to voters this week about misleading election information coming from the Voter Participation Center (VPC) and the Center for Voter Information (CVI) – two entities run by the same organization.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office and county boards of elections throughout the state have received dozens of constituent calls and emails about a deceptive mail campaign funded by the VPC and CVI causing confusion for voters. These unsolicited mail pieces mimic official government documentation and contain partially filled-out voter registration forms.

Warning: VPC and CPI are using inaccurate data, sending forms to individuals at the wrong address, claiming voters are not registered when they in fact are, and causing confusion with voters nationwide.

Guidance for Voters: These letters are not affiliated with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and have no bearing on Ohio voter registration. All trusted information about voting and registering to vote can be found at

“These letters make better tinder for a fire than effective voter information,” said Secretary LaRose. “It’s dangerous that this group continues to actively threaten voter confidence with their misleading campaign. Ohio voters should know is the trusted source for all election information.”

The Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information have received widespread criticism nationally for their careless and deceptive campaign. Beyond earning a one-star consumer review rating with the Better Business Bureau, this campaign has a well-documented track record for causing distrust among voters (read this article from ProPublica). In the 2020 election cycle, Secretary LaRose issued a similar warning to voters after they received unsolicited absentee ballot request forms with incorrect addresses and names.

Spotlighting Ohio's Non-Profit Sector

For the month of June, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is highlighting Ohio’s robust non-profit sector as part of his monthly Ohio Business Spotlight initiative. Just like standard businesses, non-profit organizations must register as a business or a 501(c)3 with the Secretary of State’s office. Non-profits in Ohio are critically important to the economic and social fabric of our state and work to improve the lives of our friends and neighbors within our communities. From educating the public on the history of their communities to providing veterans with food and a fresh start, the eight non-profit organizations recognized by Secretary LaRose in June do exceptional things day in and day out across the state.

“Keeping Ohio strong relies a lot on making time to give back to our community and state,” said Secretary LaRose. “The charitable and benevolent work done by Ohio’s professionally run non-profits helps fill in the gaps of what government and the private sector don’t provide. I applaud Ohio’s network of non-profit organizations for their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of those around them.”

Ohio Business Spotlight June Nonprofit Organizations

Learn more about the non-profits in the spotlight.

Remember. Honor. Pass it on.

Secretary LaRose spoke at a Memorial Day ceremony on Sunday at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.

Watch the Secretary's remarks.

Additional Meetings

Secretary LaRose sat down with leaders with the Ohio Manufacturing Association this week. The Secretary gave the group an update on elections in Ohio and talked through how the state can continue to grow and sustain the manufacturing sector in Ohio in spite of debilitating inflation and supply chain issues.

On Wednesday, the Secretary sat down with a group of minority business leaders in Akron. During the meeting, Secretary LaRose discussed the recent successes with streamlining Minority Business Enterprise certifications. He also talked with the group about how the state can better serve Ohio businesses to ensure that a growing Ohio economy does not leave any community behind.

Secretary LaRose visited with LeafFilter in Hudson, one of the Ohio businesses recognized as part of Secretary LaRose’s Ohio Business Spotlight initiative for the month of May. The Secretary toured the premier gutter protection company and met with its leadership team. Read more about LeafFilter and a handful of Ohio's other remarkable home and garden companies in the Ohio Business Spotlight.

In Case You Missed It

Secretary LaRose sat down in-studio with 610 WTVN’s Brandon Boxer to talk about the recent federal court redistricting decision allowing Ohio to proceed with the August 2 primary.

Listen to his full interview.

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