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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending September 16, 2022

Ohio's Boards of Elections Prepare for November

As the November 8 general election approaches, Ohio's 88 county boards of elections are hard at work preparing to run yet another secure, accessible, and accurate election. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose visited with the Ross County Board of Elections this week to meet with the board's professional and dedicated staff, check on their preparations, and ensure his office is providing the support they need to accomplish the mission.

Watch a video from Secretary LaRose's visit to the Ross County Board of Elections.

Spotlighting Ohio's Agriculture Industry

Each month, Secretary LaRose spotlights a sector of businesses across Ohio as part of the Secretary's Ohio Business Spotlight initiative. This month, the focus is on Ohio agriculture - Ohio's first and largest industry. On Thursday, the Secretary stopped by Graham's Greens in Ross County, one of the businesses in this month's Spotlight.

This ‘urban farm’ specializes in microgreens, lettuce, various Asian vegetables, and culinary herbs. All of its produce is grown through the use of urban growing practices such as vertical farming, hydroponics, raised beds, and good old in the ground organic style. All Graham's Greens' products are 100% grown in Chillicothe on 1/20th of an acre with a goal to have the maximum production with the least amount of environmental impact.

With a culinary background and a Master Gardener certification, owner Graham Matter strives to master growing the tastiest and safest version of the products he provides such as salad mixes, fruits and vegetables, herbs, and microgreens.

Learn more about Graham's Greens and the other businesses is the spotlight this month at

Breaking Tie Votes

Among the array of duties of the Ohio Secretary of State is to periodically cast the decisive vote when an Ohio County Board of Elections locks in a tie vote on an election issue. Because our county boards consist of an equal number, two Democrats and two Republicans, issues under consideration by the boards can result in an impasse with a tied two-to-two vote. When this occurs, the boards inform the Secretary, who in consultation with his team of election attorneys, reviews the facts and positions of the board members and renders a tie-breaking decision based on Ohio law.

This week, Secretary LaRose cast the decisive tie-breaking votes in the following counties:

Athens County: The Athens County Board of Elections deadlocked on whether to certify a candidate for the 94th Ohio House District for the November 8 ballot who filed to replace a candidate who withdrew from the race before the official certification of the August 2 partisan primary. Read more.

Mahoning County: The Mahoning County Board of Elections voted 2-2 on the certification of an independent candidate who seeks to run for the 59th Ohio House District after questions arose over whether the candidate was, in fact, an independent. Read more.

Learn more about the decisive tie votes cast by Secretary LaRose.

Registering Ohioans to Vote

In addition to the various voter registration programs, including Raise a Glass to Democracy and Styling for Democracy, Secretary LaRose visited Quinn Chapel AME Church in Forest Park over the weekend to attend worship and pass out voter registration forms to the congregation.

Ohio Business Tips and Reminders

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Is your business information up-to-date?

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Election Dates and Reminders

The November 8 election will include the following races:

  • Statewide executive offices, including Governor, Attorney General, Auditor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer
  • U.S. Senate and House
  • Ohio Supreme Court
  • Ohio House and Senate
  • State board of education
  • Local government races and issues

Upcoming Voting Schedule:

  • September 23 -- Military and overseas absentee voting begins
  • October 11 -- Deadline for voter registration
  • October 12 -- Early in-person voting begins
  • November 8 -- Election Day, polls will be open 6:30 am to 7:30 pm

Register to vote online at

2022 Voting Schedule

In Case You Missed It

The Intelligencer. Wheeling News-Register

Wheeling Intelligencer: Register To Vote in Ohio

Ohio is doing everything it can to encourage those who are eligible to register and then vote in this November’s general election. Among the efforts back in the spring were the Grads Vote program, which sent out voter registration packets to graduating high school seniors.

There’s also the Raise a Glass to Democracy registration campaign, which partners with craft breweries, distilleries and wineries.

“It’s a time-honored tradition for friends to talk politics over their favorite drink — but if you’re not registered to vote, talk is all you can do. This was the basic idea behind our innovative voter registration campaign which empowers voters to turn that talk into action by getting engaged and making their voices heard,” said Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

It’s true. If you’re engaged enough to be talking about it, you’d better be putting your vote where your mouth is.

Read more.


WCPO ABC 9 Cincinnati

WCPO: Here's how Ohio is encouraging younger people to vote

Ohio voters have exactly one month left to register to vote.

The Ohio Secretary of State has mailed out forms to encourage voters to register or apply for an absentee ballot.

Pay attention to these dates:

October 11: Deadline to register to vote in Ohio
October 12: Early in-person voting begins
November 8: Election Day

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said there’s a big push this election season to get the youngest eligible voters registered.

“We’ve also done a big push on voter registration, specifically with graduating seniors,” LaRose said. “We call it the Grads Vote program. Over 150,000 of these packets went out to every graduating senior with information on how to be a poll worker and also how to be a registered voter.”

There’s also a new campaign you might see if you drink, called Raise a Glass to Democracy.

Read more.

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