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New Commissions & Commission Renewals

In Ohio the requirements to become a notary vary by county. The application may be found here, but you will be required to comply with the requirements set forth by your county to obtain a signature from a judge to accompany your application. Please click here to find the phone number for your county for more information. Upon completion of the application it may be mailed to our office with a check for $15.00 to obtain your commission. 

Upon receipt of your commission from the Ohio Secretary of State, you must file it with the Clerk of Court of Common Pleas of the county in which you reside prior to performing a notarial act.

Prior to the expiration date of your commission you must complete the renewal application and file it with a $15.00 fee so that your commission remains active. If you fail to renew the commission prior to the expiration date, you are not permitted to perform a notarial act. You must file a new application and obtain a new commission. 

Please click here to find the phone number for your county (XLSX).