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State Agencies

Many statewide agencies, boards and commissions oversee the day-to-day work of state government. This overview briefly describes some notable state agencies. You can read more information about other Ohio state departments, boards and commissions in the Official Roster of Ohio Officers, available at Historical Documents.

  • Adjutant General

    The Adjutant General is the administrative head of the state’s military forces (The governor is the commander-in-chief). This department is responsible for administering the organized militia, consisting of the Ohio Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Military Reserve and Naval Militia.

  • Department of Administrative Services

    The Department of Administrative Services provides centralized services to state agencies by helping to procure goods and services, recruit and train personnel, and by providing a variety of other services.

  • Department of Aging

    The Department of Aging serves more than two million older Ohioans. The department’s programs help mature adults live active, healthy and independent lives.

  • Department of Agriculture

    The Department of Agriculture is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations pertinent to crop and livestock production in the state. Also, the department oversees production of beverages, drugs, cosmetics, meat, and the organization of county and independent fairs.


  • Board of Regents

    The Board of Regents, a nine-member advisory board to the Chancellor with two ex-officio representatives from the state legislature, was created in 1963 by the General Assembly. The Chancellor is charged with building a system of higher education designed to prepare all Ohioans for the 21st Century and rival the nation in accountability and innovation.


  • Office of Budget and Management

    The Office of Budget and Management facilitates the fiscal operations of state government.

  • Department of Commerce

    The Department of Commerce is one of the state’s main regulatory agencies. The department enforces regulations for industries ranging from financial institutions to travel agencies.

  • Department of Development

    The Department of Development oversees programs designed to attract new businesses to Ohio, retain current businesses, help small businesses grow, and promote travel and tourism in the Buckeye State.

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    The Environmental Protection Agency protects the Ohio environment and public health by ensuring compliance with environmental laws and demonstrating environmental stewardship.

  • Department of Education

    The Department of Education oversees Ohio's public education system. The State Board of Education governs the department.

  • Department of Health

    The Department of Health is responsible for protecting and improving the health of all Ohioans, and assists local health departments to deliver basic public health services at the community level.

  • Department of Insurance

    The Department of Insurance regulates the insurance industry in Ohio.

  • Department of Job and Family Services

    The Department of Job and Family Services provides financial and medical assistance and social service programs for Ohioans. The department’s goal is to help Ohioans be healthy and safe, while gaining and maintaining employment and independence.

  • Department of Developmental Disabilities

    The Department of Developmental Disabilities oversees a statewide system of support and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • Department of Natural Resources

    The Department of Natural Resources owns and manages more than 590,000 acres of land, including state parks, forests, nature preserves and wildlife areas. The department also has jurisdiction over more than 120,000 acres of inland waters. ODNR also licenses all hunting, fishing, and watercraft in the state, oversees and permits all mineral extraction, monitors dam safety, and promotes recycling.

  • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities serves Ohioans with disabilities so that they may achieve quality employment, independence, and disability determination outcomes.

  • Department of Public Safety

    The Department of Public Safety works to save lives, reduce injuries and economic loss, administer Ohio’s motor vehicle laws, and preserve the safety and well-being of all citizens. The department includes the Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Medical Services, Criminal Justice Services, Homeland Security, State Highway Patrol and Investigative Unit, and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

  • Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

    The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction administers and operates the institutional and community-related phases of Ohio’s adult correctional system.

  • Department of Taxation

    The Department of Taxation makes all tax assessments, valuations, determinations, computations and orders related to taxes.

  • Department of Transportation

    The Department of Transportation is charged with providing a world-class transportation system linking Ohio to a global economy by maintaining, building and regulating the state’s highways, bridges and railways.

  • Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

    The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provides compensation for work-related injuries, diseases and death.


  • Department of Youth Services

    The Department of Youth Services is the juvenile corrections system for the state. Felony offenders under age 21 are engaged in programming designed to address their criminological and behavioral needs.