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Office Holder Authentication Update

Before a public document can be used in another country, its origin must be authenticated.  The Ohio Secretary of State is the “Competent Authority” as described in the Hague Convention of 1961, able to authenticate a record signed by state, county or local government official.  In order to ensure the record was properly signed and certified by the office, we request all office holders to complete the Office Holder Authentication Update (PDF). This form requests the name and title of the office holder as well as information on the office held, term and the office holder’s signature and seal.  Upon request to authenticate a record signed by a public official, the Secretary of State may view this form to verify the authenticity of the signature and seal.

To submit the form please mail to:
The Ohio Secretary of State
Attn: Records Division
180 Civic Center Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Or send by email to:
[email protected]