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Special Police Officers

Upon application of the company, the Secretary of State may appoint and commission special police officers for the following:

  • Banks, Savings & Loan Associations, Saving Banks, Credit Unions, or associations therein (ORC 4973.17(A));
  • Railroad Companies (ORC 4973.17(B));
  • Companies under contract with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission for construction/operation of a plant (ORC 4973.17(C)); 
  • Hospitals (ORC 4973.17(D)) and,
  • Amusement Parks (ORC 4973.17(E)).

Police Officers appointed pursuant to ORC 4973.17 hold the position for three years, unless otherwise revoked.  The filing fee for this form is $15.

Click here for the Forms for the Appointment and Commission of Special Police Officers

All commissions for Special Police Officers are placed in a database upon receipt and acceptance of the applications.  Searches can be performed to locate Special Police Officers, including names, dates of commission and expiration, employer name and commission numbers.

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Telephone: 614.644.4559

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