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Ohio is a wonderful place to do business because of its changing seasons. With the changing seasons comes a change in demand, one we are happy to see and enjoy with our customers. The family oriented atmosphere of the average household, and a large market of people who are continually increasing their awareness and desire to eat locally is an inspiring part of Ohio. We are also happy to be a part of great Ohio organizations; OEFFA, SlowFoodColumbus, and Ohio Proud.


We are a local farm and butcher shop that raises more than 90 percent of everything we sell in downtown Columbus. We are a family farm through and through. We (Cheryl & David) have been farming our entire lives, and have raised our kids in the same fashion. After 22 years of butchering experience we are well known for having top quality meats and raising our own cattle, lambs, hogs, and goats. We raise our animals the old fashioned way; no growth hormones or antibiotics. We know how important it is to have happy, healthy animals, and making sure they are handled with the proper love and care that they deserve.

We also offer educational opportunities on a regular basis to help educate all levels of meat enthusiasts and preserve the art of butchery. After years of conducting classes we created an educational Android App (available on Google Play) that give you cooking advice and educates you on the cuts of a hog. Bluescreek Masters of Meat – Pork Edition has proven beneficial for many of our customers and non-customers alike. We’ve had people come in specifically to thank us for creating the App, which is very heart warming.



8120 US Route 42, Plain City, Ohio, 43064, Union County

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Products/Services: Locally Raised Beef, Lamb & Pork
Number of Current Employees: 7
Year Company Started: 1993

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