Duck Creek Energy, Inc.

  • Duck Creek Energy, Inc.
  • Duck Creek Energy, Inc.
  • Duck Creek Energy, Inc.
  • Duck Creek Energy, Inc.


Ohio is blessed with natural resources and skilled hard working people who want to do things right. We are free to pursue our business interest providing energy safely and sensibly for the citizens of our state while accepting the responsibility to the environment we all share.


Duck Creek Energy, Inc. is headquartered in Brecksville, Ohio. They are committed to finding and developing local natural gas and oil to help reduce Ohio and America's dependence on foreign energy. They began in 1983 and provide local employment, landowner support and draw on the skills and experience of dozens of local contractors helping create opportunities for their local economy. In addition, a producing well pays taxes to the county and schools based on production.

In 2004, Duck Creek Energy, Inc. pioneered the recycling of oil and gas production water (brine) into a commodity called AquaSalina. AquaSalina is a clean deicer used to keep our roads safe in the winter. Recycling each gallon of production water (brine) saves one gallon of freshwater from being fouled to make manmade brine. In addition, each recycled gallon is a gallon that doesn’t get injected into injection wells, and through evaporation adds to the water cycle. Pre-treating our roads reduces rock salt consumption 30% which is good for Ohio’s waterways. AquaSalina+, our corrosion inhibited product, is 70% less corrosive than rock salt; good for our bridges and good for our cars.

In 1983, Duck Creek’s founder created the annual Yuletide Hunger Program for the Brecksville/Broadview Heights area helping those in need, providing food, supplies, and toys during the Christmas Holiday Season. The Program also includes the surrounding areas of Independence and Seven Hills, assisting on average 125 families with volunteer service from the schools, churches, civic organizations, and individual volunteers.


Location: 7033 Mill Road, Brecksville, Ohio 44141, Cuyahoga County
Type of Industry: Oil and Natural Gas
Products/Services: AquaSalina Liquid De-Icer (Recycled Production Water)/Natural Gas/Crude Oil
Number of Current Employees: 10
Year Company Started: 1983

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