Toft Dairy

What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Toft Dairy has supported the "buy local" or "buy Ohio" campaigns for many years now.  Over 98% of our customers at Toft's are in Ohio.  It is a great feeling to know that when your business is loyal to local communities, the people are loyal to your products as well.

Description of business:

Toft Dairy was founded in 1900 by Chris and Matilda Toft.  We are the only locally-owned and operated dairy on Lake Erie between Cleveland and Toledo and the oldest operating dairy in the State of Ohio. The past 111 years has seen five different Toft Dairy locations in the city of Sandusky. Our current location on Venice Road, built in 1985, brings in milk 365 days a year from 22 local farms within a 50 mile radius of our plant. Contracting with our local farmers allows us to ensure we have the freshest quality of milk used to make all of our delicious and wholesome milk and ice cream products. We have received written pledges from all of our dairy farmers to refrain from using the synthetic growth hormone rbST in their production of milk shipped to our plant. Toft’s has become famous for its “One Quality” philosophy, which means Toft’s uses only the finest ingredients to produce the highest quality products. The “One Quality” philosophy is a Toft’s family tradition that has lasted through five generations of the family business.


Company Statistics

Location: 3717 Venice Road (Route 6), Sandusky, Ohio 44870, Erie County  
Type of Industry: Dairy
Products/Services: Milk, Ice Cream, and a Large Variety of Other Dairy Products
Number of Current Employees: 85
Year Company Started: 1900

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