Seeds of Literacy


Greater Cleveland has a robust philanthropic community with numerous opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. Despite the rich cultural community though, the need for adult education services remains great and so we are where we are needed the most.


Seeds of Literacy is an innovative, award-winning non-profit organization that provides free basic education and high school equivalency (GED®) preparation to adults in the Cleveland area. It is the only nationally accredited (ProLiteracy) program in Ohio. Seeds empowers adults to succeed by fighting a root cause of poverty: illiteracy. 84% of Seeds students live at or below the poverty level. An average of 66% of Clevelanders are functionally illiterate, with some neighborhoods as high as 85%. Functional illiteracy means they may have trouble understanding bus schedules, utility bills, or doctors’ instructions, and are unable to help their children with homework – all skills necessary for running a household.

Seeds provides personalized one-to-one instruction for nearly 1,000 students per year, assisted by more than 200 volunteer tutors. New students register every week, and Seeds is open year-round so students learn at their own pace and around their busy schedules. Individual educational goals are set in orientation, so rather than a one-size-fits-all curricula, instruction is completely customized for each individual. Students have the ability to attend any – or all – of the classes offered 3 times a day, 4 days a week. Seeds has both East and West side locations, conveniently along major bus routes.

The causes for illiteracy vary by individual, so in addition to educational instruction, Seeds’ staff and volunteers offer care and genuine concern for the welfare of students. This dynamic combination can be life changing – a powerful first step toward economic self-sufficiency, better health, and the academic success of a student’s entire family.



West: 3104 W. 25th Street, 3rd Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44109, Cuyahoga County

East: 13815 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44120, Cuyahoga County

Type of Industry: Adult Education / Non-profit

Free tutoring, Basic Adult Education, High School Equivalency Test Preparation (GED, TASC, HiSET)

Number of Current Employees: 18
Year Company Started: 1997

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