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Working in Ohio allows us to do what we love by serving clients who appreciate our value with a workforce that cares about their communities. 


As a civil engineering company, Choice One Engineering and it’s staff love what they do and they don’t try to hide it! They work very hard, but they like to have fun, too. And from their offices in Sidney and Loveland, Ohio, and Portland, Indiana, they do their best to help their clients find the joy in their work as well. They’re ultra-responsive, easy to work with, and most of all, fiercely dedicated to making customers happy by delivering awesome customer experiences, expert civil engineering and surveying services, and great value. It’s the way they’ve done it since 1994, and it’s the way they will always be. Choice One Engineering protects the culture they’ve built by living their core values in and outside the office. They act when called upon and take special care in making sure each employee feels appreciated. Why you ask? Because a toxic environment is draining. They break the corporate mold when it comes to their employees because they know the value in hiring the right people that love what they do. At Choice One Engineering, they know they are different, and, they like that. STEMM education is essential to their business and allows the employee to “hit the ground running” much faster because they require less on-the-job training compared to a person who is not STEMM trained and educated.


Location: 440 E. Hoewisher Road, Sidney, Ohio 45365, Shelby County
Type of Industry: Civil Engineering/Surveying
Products/Services: Transportation Design, Site Development, and Surveying
Number of Current Employees: 38
Year Company Started: 1994

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