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In Southeast Ohio we still have rural communities with family connections. We find ourselves doing business with second and third generations. The business climate and support we have received from local, county and state governments have allowed us to grow and prosper. The computer links to our state officials provide quick and accurate information. We appreciate the tax climate and help we have received as a small business.


The Newlon family started in the automobile and tire business in 1914. The business was the community meeting place. There were even checker boards. The items sold included such things as guns, gun powder, outboard motors, lawn mowers, and televisions. As the business changed in the late 1970's it was decided to separate the tire business from the auto dealership. Dick Newlon and his wife Karen moved the tire business to the current location. The business has grown from its founding in 1979 to being the largest tire dealership in the Perry County market. Newlon Tire has always taken pride in the young men who were given their first job. They learned not only job skills but also how to work with people, problem solving, and business ethics. Many of these young men have gone on to success in their chosen vocation. Newlon Tire is especially proud of the veterans in our community. Dick has spoken at many community events supporting veterans. Last year a Goodyear tire that was raced at a NASCAR Support Our Troops race was purchased by Newlon Tire. It was signed by local veterans and sold at a charity auction. Newlon Tire is a regular sponsor of the Big Foot Truck at the Perry County Fair. Newlon Tire is proud to be part of the business community in Perry County.


Location: 530 Carroll Street, New Lexington, Ohio 43764, Perry County
Type of Industry: Automotive & Farm Service
Products/Services: Retail Tire Sales, Undercar service including alignment, brakes, and exhaust, On the farm service
Number of Current Employees:
Year Company Started: 1979

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