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  • TLC Yachts, LLC
  • TLC Yachts, LLC
  • TLC Yachts, LLC


Northeast Ohio provides a strong workforce with the varied skills required to build a premium recreational product. These skills range from fiberglass composite skills to finish carpentry and cabinet making. Not only is there a skilled workforce, but also one that is hardworking and dedicated, all important to the company’s ability to compete worldwide.


Tartan emerged on the auxiliary sailing yacht scene in 1960, with Charlie Britton at the helm. As a result of a collaboration with the renowned design firm of Sparkman and Stephens, and builder Douglass and McLeod of Grand River, Ohio, Charlie developed the company’s first model, the Tartan 27.

During the brand's history, it has developed over 30 different models and produced over 5000 boats.

Tartan has also refined its manufacturing processes. Its composite construction evolved from traditional hand lamination to the current vacuum infused composites. Tartan also added carbon fiber manufacturing technology.

Although the Great Recession marked a significant downturn in the marine industry, Tartan continued to offer new and innovative models.

Additionally, Tartan acquired the Legacy line of power boats. Legacys are built with the same eye toward intelligent use of leading edge marine composites. This provides a sister powerboat line that adheres to the same high performance, luxury cruising yacht ideal as every Tartan sailboat. Now 56 years later and with over 5000 hulls launched, Tartan continues to adhere to the foundation laid by the diminutive Tartan 27 in 1960.


Location: 1920 Fairport Nursery Road, Fairport Harbor, Ohio, 44077, Lake County
Type of Industry: Recreational boat manufacturing
Products/Services: Tartan sailboats, Legacy powerboats, Aspire carbon sailboat masts
Number of Current Employees: 35
Year Company Started: 1960

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