Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach


Upon becoming a 501c3 non-profit in 2013, Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach received greater donor confidence and, in turn, a rise in community support.  Warm Welcomes has experienced steady and significant expansion of the children benefiting from the outreach and the geographical area served.   


Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach is an all-volunteer organization, founded in 2013 by a former foster family, which directly impacts children in foster care and their families by offering necessity items, as well as, enrichment opportunities to help children become more fully integrated in their communities. Their mission is to partner with community members of all ages to encourage, empower, and enrich the lives of youth in foster care. Warm Welcomes seeks to promote a lasting sense of self-worth and healing for youth in foster care.  They provide community members involvement, promote volunteerism, provide service and empowerment opportunities for children in foster care to use their own talents with the community, as well as, raise awareness to address the critical issue of foster care in Southwest Ohio and beyond.  Warm Welcomes was built out of the need to develop connections between children and their communities, schools, and churches. In 2017 alone, hundreds of children in Southwest Ohio participated in their Welcome Events and approximately 1,000 children experiencing the stress of entering foster care will be given a Welcome Bag filled with comfort and necessity items.


Location: 6230 Centre Park Drive Suite D, West Chester, Ohio 45069, Butler County
Type of Industry: Charitable Organization serving children in foster care (ages 0-18+) in positive and tangible ways

Welcome Bags: New backpacks filled with comfort and necessity items for children entering foster care; Welcome Events: Fun, enrichment events are hosted at various local venues to allow children in foster care to build positive childhood memories and participate in activities that may not otherwise be available; Welcome While You Wait Bins: Bins are filled with snacks, drinks, and small toys/activities are made available to children experiencing stress, hunger, or boredom while waiting in agency offices for placements or appointments.  

Number of Current Employees: Volunteers
Year Company Started: 2013
Website: www.WarmWelcomes.org

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