Dane's Dessert Cafe


In Ohio, being a Midwestern state, a lot of businesses seem to have their head office here. The lifestyle and culture of the community, the allure of the people and the camaraderie in the community has enticed me in doing business here. Ohio is known to be one of the best states for startup business. If your business cannot be successful here then it will not be anywhere else.


Dane's Dessert Cafe is your last stop after a great dinner with friends at your favorite local eatery, an evening with that someone special or after a great movie on the big screen. We create sensational dessert experiences. This concept, although new to Columbus, can be found in many large cities. My daughter, Kadian Guthrie, attended university in Toronto, Canada and found herself and many other students "hanging out" at such eateries. She introduced me to the idea and seeing that no similar establishment existed in Columbus we thought it would be a good investment. My son Dane is my inspiration, seeing his growth over the years as a special-needs child, has motivated me to acknowledge his achievements by naming the business after him.

At Dane's Dessert Cafe we hope our customers will indulge. Our passion is giving our customers an unforgettable experience, a memorable ambiance, exceptional service and exotic desserts. We strive to excel in every aspect of your dining experience, leaving you wanting more.

Within our short existence we have donated to several charities such as the Columbus Historical Society and we intend to continue to do so.


Location: 14 E. Poplar Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43215, Franklin County
Type of Industry: Restaurant/Cafe
Products/Services: Crepes, Belgian Waffles and Sundaes
Number of Current Employees: 4
Year Company Started: 2011
Website: N/A

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