Environmental and Safety Solutions, Inc


The State of Ohio welcomes and supports business opportunities due to our large corporations and exhilarating tourism. Our state's history is full of innovation and our legislature supports and promotes entrepreneurship. Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc. will continue to experience annual exponential growth in the State of Ohio.


In 2002, Lonnie Grayson, president and CEO, formed Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc. and is a nationally recognized industry leader in OSHA/EPA Consulting and Technical Staffing services company.

Business growth and performance at Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc. has measured positive changes. Business growth in 2010-2011 was 402.5% and 2011 was 200% respectively. Company associates have grown considerably. In 2009, we grew by 6.7% (15 people), 2010 by 21 % (19 people) and 2011 YTD by 45.7% (37 people).

Mr. Grayson has been very active in his local church where he has been a Board Member, Associate Pastor and Elder. He was honored as a 2009 YMCA Black and Hispanic Achiever for business and community efforts. Mr. Grayson was selected as one of the recipients of the Wyoming, OH Citizens of the year award. He was featured in the National Urban Leagues February, 21, 2011 Time Magazine advertorial, featured on MSNBC Your Business, and NBC Nightly News with Brian William. Most recently Mr. Grayson was awarded the Cincinnati African American Chamber Business to Business Award-Small Business of the year and was accepted into the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Minority Business Accelerator MBA Portfolio Member "Accelerated Growth Starts Here".


Location: 10045 Springfield Pike, Suite 7, Cincinnati, Ohio 43215, Hamilton County
Type of Industry: OSHA/EPA Compliance
Products/Services: Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance, Technical Staffing
Number of Current Employees: 37
Year Company Started: 2002
Website: www.essinc.info

*All information was submitted by the company.