2Gs Barbeque


Starting a business was quite intimidating. We found it refreshing to see the various agencies, local and state, so willing to ensure a proper setup, by in many cases walking us through the steps and procedures through our new journey.


2Gs got its start several years back out of a gutted out trailer. This business has always been a dream and vision of George’s. In 2010 we started what is known as 2Gs (God and George, in that order). We were tucked away on a strip in our city, where our struggle to survive was real, George being the survivor and as determined as always stayed the course. In 2013 when an opportunity opened up for a downtown 2Gs, it was a major miracle. Without degrees in business and absolutely no capital to start, this was an opportunity that we could not give up. At this level, this was all so foreign. We trusted God for the solution. We are confident that it was then and is now God who gives us wisdom and patience to continue. A family graciously offered to help us get started and that we did. We are always grateful for the privilege to sponsor, donate and support our community with the many fundraisers, etc. We don’t believe we can survive if we turn away less fortunate. At a charitable contribution level we sold and gave many meals away known to our city as G&V (George & Vanessa).


Location: 116 North Main Street, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, Logan County
Type of Industry: Restaurant
Products/Services: Ribs, Fish, Pulled Pork
Number of Current Employees: 5
Year Company Started: 2010
 Website:  N/A

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