JJ Drafting Service, LLC

  • JJ Drafting Service, LLC
  • JJ Drafting Service, LLC
  • JJ Drafting Service, LLC
  • JJ Drafting Service, LLC

What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio is very supportive in helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs and small business succeed by offering a variety of workshops and networking events that allow us the opportunity to showcase our business. 

Description of business:

Jamie A. Jamison started JJ Drafting Service, LLC in 2001 with the mission to provide quality and affordable architectural design and drafting services. JJ Drafting Service, LLC is a minority-owned company that specializes in residential construction drawings and specifications in the Greater Cincinnati and Hamilton County area. Jamie’s design areas of expertise are in new home construction, remodels (i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, basements, etc.), additions, garages, interior/exterior alterations and as-built drawings. One of his greatest advantages is that he has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the field of residential construction design. All construction drawings are produced by using AutoCAD or similar software and state-of-the-art technology resulting in the highest level of details and accuracy. All construction documents (drawings & specifications) include what is required to obtain a building permit to perform the work. He also offers his services to architects, engineers, contractors, real estate brokers, and business owners with the development of construction drawings. In addition he performs home inspections in the State of Ohio (AHIT certified).

JJ Drafting Service, LLC knows their clients’ needs aren’t going to be exactly the same; therefore, they take the time to understand their needs to make sure they can meet their satisfaction.

Company Statistics:

Location: P.O. Box 6744 Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 Hamilton County
Type of Industry: Architectural
Products/Services: Residential Design & Drafting
Number of Current Employees: 1
Year Company Started: 2001
Website: www.JJDraftingService.com

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