Ohio is a great place to start a technology business. There’s strong collaboration between government, private industry, and our university system to plant the seeds for innovation. EnviroFlight received encouragement and investment from the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Signature Program. The Ohio Aquaculture Association, Fish Farmers of Ohio Association, and Ohio State University South Centers have been strong advocates of our company and services


EnviroFlight was founded in July 2009 and have been developing our processes and technologies to commercialize insect-based bioconversion and feed ingredient manufacturing. After four years of intensive research and development stage we are now generating commercial sales of our products and services. EnviroFlight’s proprietary technology makes it possible to commercially produce sustainable animal feeds and oils from the byproducts from food manufacturing, biofuels, and brewing industries. We do this by the industrial cultivation of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). In December 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that an investigational exemption for the use of EnviroFlight BSFL in the diets of rainbow trout is consistent with the public health. The FDA authorizes EnviroFlight to market for human food use the edible tissues derived from experimental animals reared on BSFL and other ingredients that are acceptable for use in animal feed. EnviroFlight is in the process of obtaining FDA Food Use Authorization which will lead to AAFCO ingredient approvals.

Top products include: Engineering and research services; Engineering and technology services to characterize food waste for conversion into aquaculture feed ingredients; Bulk ingredients and formulated feeds; Cooked, dried insect meal for use in aquaculture feed research and development; Formulated aquaculture diets for rainbow trout, freshwater prawn and yellow perch; Specialty and bulk fertilizers; Specialty feeds and plant nutrients; Live insects sold to zoos and nationwide live pet food distributors; Insect meal sold to zoos, pet food manufacturers, and bird feed distributors.


Location: 303 North Walnut St., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387, Greene County
Type of Industry:

Nutrient Recycling and Aquaculture Feeds


Bulk ingredients and formulated feeds; Cooked, dried insect meal; Specialty and bulk fertilizers; Specialty feeds and plant nutrients; Live insects; Insect meal

Number of Current Employees: 10
Year Company Started: 2009
Website: www.EnviroFlight.net

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