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In addition to the people, who just can't be beat, Ohio sits in the middle of what was once the country's greatest forest range. This means that the timber reclaimed from historic Ohio structures is made from the some of the finest virgin timber that the world has ever known.


Olde Wood Ltd was founded on the practice of rediscovering lost beauty. After years of turning the idle structures of the American countryside into the most sought after wide plank floors in the country, they like to think they've learned a thing or two about the way wood ought to be. Whether it is reclaiming historic timber or re-implementing the traditional milling practices that created it, Olde Wood is proud to continue using the rediscovered beauty of the past to deliver today's most authentic wide plank flooring experience.

As Olde Wood finishes construction on a brand new headquarters and manufacturing facility here in Ohio, they are poised to continue leading the nation in the production of custom wide plank flooring and to continue leading Ohio into a new age of premium manufacturing.

Top products include: Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring - Wide plank flooring made from timber reclaimed from barns and other historic structures that would otherwise be lost forever; Traditionally Sawn Wide Plank Flooring - Our "Old Growth" Flooring line is made from responsibly sourced, fully matured trees and milled with traditional plain-sawing methods, just like the pioneers used; Custom Milling - Antique hand-hewn beams, custom stair parts, old barn siding, wooden floor vents--if you can imagine it, and it's made of wood, we can create it.


Location: 7557 Willowdale Avenue SE, Magnolia, Ohio 44643, Stark County
Type of Industry: Wide Plank Hardwood Floor Manufacturing

Reclaimed wide plank flooring; Traditionally sawn wide plank flooring; Custom milling

Number of Current Employees: 35
Year Company Started: 1997
Website: www.OldeWoodLtd.com

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