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I enjoy doing business in Columbus Ohio, it has a diverse group of people, who like to get out and explore their surroundings and try new things. Columbus has a great deal of small business I can support by buying local, seasonal ingredients. I bring old world classic desserts with a twist to Columbus and people here appreciate it.


When I first began Purple Sage Bakery I wanted to cater to restaurants and caterers, working with them and custom building their dessert menu to match their brand. I started working with local food trucks and restaurants doing just that. In the summer of 2014, I tried a local farmers market (Worthington Farmers Market) I thought it would be good for marketing Purple Sage Bakery and I wanted to find out what people were looking for. I started the market late in the season and ended up sitting catty-corner to a well-established bakery here in Columbus. “I thought well, this certainly will be the test to see if there is enough desire for another bakery.” The Market was a huge success, more than I could imagine. It was great to get out and meet people, and see their expressions and get immediate feedback.

Purple Sage Bakery enjoys supporting local business along with causes against human trafficking, Art for Life and the Culinary Arts in Columbus, OH.


Location: 696 Stinson Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43214, Franklin County
Type of Industry: Food Service
Products/Services: Classically made assorted croissants, Coffeecakes, and a Variety of seasonal desserts
Number of Current Employees: 1
Year Company Started: 2013
Website: www.PurpleSageBakery.com

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