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  • HTK Company, Inc.


From our location in central Ohio, we are within 500 miles of 55 percent of all U.S. manufacturing, 50 percent of the U.S. population and 60 percent of all the U.S. buying income. This is a great place to be doing business! Our product has been made in the USA (in Ohio) for more than 120 years! 


HTK Company's story begins in the late 1890’s when their founder, James R. Caldwell created the Handy Ring Knife as a solution to a problem. Mr. Caldwell worked for the US Postal service delivering mail, via railcar, daily to cities between Pittsburgh and Chicago. Between stops, the mail was sorted and bundled with twine. On a moving railcar, it was difficult to keep track on one’s pocket knife. So, one day after work, James took a piece of copper, bent it around his finger and attached the blade from a pocket knife and the rest is history. A patent application was filed in 1910, issued in 1912 and they have been in continual operation ever since. 

Today, the Handy Safety Knife plays a big role in making the workplace safer. The original design has stood the test of time. HTK has a proven track record with many customers in many different industries across the United Sates, and worldwide. 

It is nearly impossible to cut yourself or someone else with a Handy Safety Knife!


Location: 5676 County Highway 330 Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 Wyandot County
Type of Industry: Manufacturing/Cutlery
Products/Services: Handy Safety Knife; a utility ring knife worn on the finger, like a ring
Number of Current Employees: 10
Year Company Started: 1897

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