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Jergens is a manufacturer producing fixturing and tooling used by all manufactures. Ohio is the heartbeat of the United States manufacturing resurgence. Once the Rustbelt, Ohio now sits at the crossroads of production where industry is being rebuilt, energy abundant and a workforce poised for the next wave of manufacturing.


Since Jergens founding in 1942, when all the world and all US manufacturing was focused on the defense, to the Jergens business of today supporting entertainment, electronics, transportation and so much more, it has called Cleveland home. Not just Cleveland but a three square mile situated in Cleveland's intercity where all four factories have been located.

Jergens built its new 130,000 square foot HQ on an abandoned Brownfield rail-yards. Today hundreds work at Jergens shipping work-holding, special fasteners, and lifting products throughout the world. As part of its growth, Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS) was formed and became the region's leading supplier of industrial consumable drills, cutting tools and lubricants keeping industry running. Always looking to the future, Jergens formed the Advanced Systems Group (ASG) to provide the world the most advanced precision screwdriver X-Paq. This $7,000 screwdriver is sold even directly into China when exceptions say electronics cannot be made in the United States.

However Jergens is more than just selling. As a committed member of the community Jergens formed a scholarship fund for Cleveland kids, started the first special needs full-time manufacturing education program and has conducted blood drives resulting in collection of over 3,500 pints.


Location: 15700 South Waterloo Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44110, Cuyahoga County
Type of Industry: Automotive, aerospace, entertainment and energy
Products/Services: Manufacturer of workholding/specialty fasteners; manufacturer of electric precision screwdrivers and industrial supply distributer 
Number of Current Employees: 420
Year Company Started: 1942

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