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  • 5th Ave. Floral Co.
  • 5th Ave. Floral Co.

What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio is a very friendly state with all of us being born and raised here. Our business has continued to have wonderful and loyal Ohioans as customers. We also get to be in the heart of Buckeye Nation as we love our Buckeyes. 

Description of business:

Fifth (5th) Avenue Floral Co. is a family owned and operated business that has served Central Ohio and surrounding suburbs since 1901. They are located in the center of Franklin County just off the campus of The Ohio State University. Their staff is highly skilled and hold degrees in all designs including weddings. They have the freshest flower product, plants, giftware and silks available. The business was originally located on 5th Avenue from 1901-1943, they then moved to their current location on Kenny Road to be adjoined with the greenhouses. The greenhouse land was sold in the 1960's and the retail property was kept.

Company Statistics

Location: 1877 Kenny Road Columbus, Ohio 43212 Franklin County
Type of Industry: Retail Florist
Products/Services: Fresh Flowers, Local and Worldwide Delivery, Weddings and Special Events
Number of Current Employees: 7
Year Company Started: 1901
Website: www.5thAveFloral.com

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