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What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Buckeye Shapeform embraces the ‘Ohio Heartland of America’ work ethic. There is a deep sense of ownership and pride in the work we perform, especially the components used by the military in support of the war fighters. We realize each part is mission critical and there is no room for error.

Description of business:

The company dates back to 1902 when E. C. Derby founded the Buckeye Stamping Company, and the origins of their company were firmly established producing seamless tin containers. Back then they served many Ohio-based companies, delivering their products via horse-drawn wagons. The Buckeye Stamping Company, later, in the 1960’s, designed and manufactured instrument knobs and electronic enclosures using machinery. Buckeye Stamping acquired Shapeform Inc. in 1996.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Shapeform Inc. manufactured deep draw tube-shaped aluminum products, end users included missile and flare housings for the military, oxygen tanks for firefighters and scuba divers, air cleaner housings for Hummer vehicles, electronic tracking devices used by the United States Navy and other tubular products. The merged companies operated under a new name, Buckeye Shapeform. The seamless tin containers, plastic knobs, metal and plastic enclosures and metal Shapeform products are all now manufactured at the corporate facility in south Columbus.

Company Statistics:

Location: 555 Marion Road Columbus, Ohio 43207 Franklin County
Type of Industry: Manufacturing
Products/Services: Electronic Enclosures, Precision Deep Draw Metal Forming, Metal Stamping and Fabrication
Number of Current Employees: 55
Year Company Started: 1902
Website: www.BuckeyeShapeform.com

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