The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company

  • The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company
  • The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company
  • The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company
  • The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company

What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio has been very good to our family and our business. We enjoy the “Can Do” spirit of the residents of this great state. The manufacturing environment in Ohio is world class. We are a very conservative company and we appreciate the agrarian attitude of hard work and loyalty to one's employer that prevails here in Ohio. Our state is recognized as one of the premier places to live and do business in America.

- Howard Smith, President

Description of business:

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Wilson Bohannan utilizes the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes of any padlock manufacturer in the world. With their state-of-the-art CNC machines and their in-house end-to-end padlock design systems, they are able to develop almost any possible locking device their customer might need. Their high standards insure unmatched quality control and precision manufacturing processes. This enables them to give their customers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

Wilson Bohannan started manufacturing padlocks with his son Todd in a small shop behind their home in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Bohannan was granted his first patent on April 17, 1860. The Wilson Bohannan Company built their first factory in 1870 and for three years all the machines were operated by foot power by their employees. By 1888 the company was incorporated and moved to a new location in Brooklyn. Wilson Bohannan manufactured over 100,000 padlocks per year by 1900 with 200 employees. The railroads, up until 1900, were Wilson Bohannan’s largest customers and after that their focus turned to public utilities and heavy industry.

Wilson Bohannan moved to Marion, Ohio in 1926 to be more centrally located to their ever-expanding customer base. Today Mr. Howard Smith, the sixth generation family member, is running the company along with his two daughters, Patricia Kozlik and Sarah Rassell, who are seventh generation family members. The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company is 100% American Made. Their padlocks can be found all over the world. In addition, Wilson Bohannan makes mechanical locking devices that can be found on cable boxes and wherever power stations demand switching gears.

Company Statistics

Location: 621 Buckeye Street Marion, Ohio 43302 Marion County
Type of Industry: Manufacturing
Products/Services: Solid Brass Padlocks, Locking Devices, Accessories
Number of Current Employees: 65
Year Company Started: 1860

*All information was submitted by the company.