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What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Since our founding in Toledo 1910, we are a proud Ohio-based company. More than 100 years later, our client base extends to all 50 states and to more than 30 countries. We are honored to be able to showcase all that Ohio businesses have to offer to the world.

Description of business:

Since 1910, Toledo Ticket has been a leading provider of ticketing solutions that are efficient, flexible and keep businesses running smoothly. You’ll find their solutions are the perfect fit for your unique needs including consecutive numbering, bar codes, magnetic stripes, multi-part valet, scratch-off tickets, pay & display, pay-by-space, access and debit cards, and spitter tickets for thermal/nonthermal revenue control. They supply a multitude of industries with both stock and customized products and services with full-color printing, a range of colors and sizes, and an exceptional turnaround time. They also specialize in RFID tags for college/university parking and credentials to improve security, convenience, meet Green mandates, all in a cost-effective manner. Toledo Ticket is certified by most parking equipment manufacturers and provides products in all 50 states and more than 30 countries.

Company Statistics:

Location: 3963 Catawba Street Toledo, Ohio 43612 Lucas County
Type of Industry: Ticketing Applications and Printing
Products/Services: Parking, Events/Athletics, Education
Number of Current Employees: 38
Year Company Started: 1910

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