CleanTurn Enterprises


Ohio supports our innovative way of thinking about how business can be a catalyst for positive social impact. Whether it is the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Attorney General or the Secretary of State we have found a government willing to work with small businesses in a competent, understanding and supportive way.


In late 2011, a handful of investors pulled together, a small fund of $300,000, to create a new social enterprise accelerator in Central Ohio. In January 2012 CleanTurn Enterprises launched. Their mission is to strengthen communities through an empowered workforce by creating profitable social enterprises.

Early on there was a lot of overlap operationally as they focused on pursuing opportunities that created the most value with respect to their mission. Over the last six years they have provided over 600 employment opportunities through four distinct social enterprises: CleanTurn Demolition Services; She Has A Name Cleaning Services; Passion, Purpose, Profit and Third Way Café. The SROI (Social Return on Investment) of their ventures exceeds $25m.

CleanTurn Enterprises provides an array of supportive services focused on creating the platform for individuals to realize their potential. They are focused on creating a nurturing and loving community and family culture that encourages and fosters a lifestyle characterized by resilience, integrity and healthy decisions. Their culture of high expectations and strong accountability coupled with supportive services and training creates the culture necessary for rewarding and celebrating personal and professional development and growth.


Location: 1059 Cable Ave., Suite A, Columbus, Ohio 43222, Franklin County
Type of Industry: Social Enterprise/ Business with a mission

Social Enterprises focused on interior demolition/ bulk removal services, cleaning services and a coffeeshop focused on great locally roasted coffee, used books and community building events

Number of Current Employees: 90
Year Company Started: 2012

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