March 2015 Profiles

Ohio is one of the leading producers of an item featured on breakfast tables across the nation. For more than 200 years, Ohioans have been tapping maple trees and transforming the sap into sugar and syrup. Today, the maple syrup industry contributes $6 million annually to Ohio’s economy, according to the Ohio Maple Producers Association. Last year, state lawmakers designated March as Maple Month in Ohio to honor this contribution. Ohio Business Profile is recognizing March 2015 as Maple Madness Month.

The companies featured this month are some of the leading contributors to our state’s maple industry.

These businesses are just a few of the producers of pure maple syrup in Ohio. Traditionally, Ohio ranks in the top five of the nation’s maple syrup producers, with weather accounting for a different rank each year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ohio’s maple syrup production was sixth in the nation in 2014. To learn more about maple production and tourism in Ohio check out the Ohio Maple Producers Association.

March Ohio Business Profile Companies: