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I was born and raised on our Farm in Licking County. Ohio is a beautiful state with the most amazing seasons. It is awesome how we go from a beautiful assortment of colors in the fall to a blanket of white snow in the winter. Spring of course is my favorite time as we start the process of tapping trees and preparing for the long days and nights to produce the wonderful syrup that my family has grown to know and love.

Warner's Maple Syrup/Loudon Crest Farms is close to a large upscale market which allows for us to sell our Syrup to people we may not ever have a chance to meet or know.

Doing business in Ohio allows us all kinds of transportation options for our product as well. We have sold maple syrup all over the world which is very exciting for our family.


Our Farm was started in 1877 by Jacob E. Warner and over the years we have made such progress to have the facility we have today. In the 1950s we were using plastic bags to gather the sap, and in the late 1960s to early 70s we used tubing that gathers our sap and pumps into our sap tanks. What a much easier process we have now than my ancestors had. Our earlier facility, which we call the Sugar Shack, that once was used to boil and produce our product from start to finish, is now used for a wood storage area. We plan to change the old Sugar Shack into a walk through museum to educate and share with others how things were done so long ago. This Shack is no larger than a small storage shed and did not have things like a restroom, a place to wash your hands, nor did it have an area for more than 10 people to stand and watch the process of making syrup. Our goal has always been to produce a quality product and to educate our town and schools on the process of syrup making. We have wanted to have a building that would allow others to come and help, watch, and learn, and to experience the process firsthand. In 2010, Bob Warner took his retirement and moved full speed ahead to construct a facility that could do all of these things and have an accessible restroom, new state of the art equipment to produce more syrup, and provide something as simple as running water and of course a comfortable place for students and parents to come, watch and learn. Many hands were involved in seeing this building come to a completion. It has been a life time dream to have this new building.

Our farm gives school tours to those interested. We are a part of "Backyard Maple Syrup" which is a program to educate people on making their own syrup which is held at schools and local events. In 2014, we facilitated a Maple Syrup Seminar at The Dawes Arboretum, which is our local Arboretum in Ohio.

Bob Warner is very involved with our local Granville Kiwanis Club and for the past 30 years the Club has used our building to produce and sell syrup to raise money for Kiwanis. Each year Kiwanis gives a local Pancake Breakfast and features Warner Maple Syrup. Warner's Maple Syrup is also featured in the Kiwanis International Magazine. Our syrup can be purchased at the historic Buxton Inn in Granville, Ross'

Granville Market, Jake's Property Services Material Yard in Gahanna, or our very own Loudon Crest Farms!



1616 Loudon Street, Granville, Ohio 43023, Licking County

Type of Industry: Agriculture
Products/Services: Maple Syrup, Mini Poco Pigs, Farm Animals
Number of Current Employees: 4-6
Year Company Started: 1877
Website: www.LoudonCrestFarms.com

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