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  • Koinonia Homes, Inc.

What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio is the heart of our nation and a hub for science and industry, generating new employment opportunities for people who have I/DD. Working with state and county boards and the Ohio Provider Resource Association, we empower people to achieve their maximum potential while promoting community integration and healthy living. 

Description of business:

Mission: Partnering with people who have developmental disabilities to achieve healthy, fulfilling, enriched lives.

The name – Koinonia (coin-o-NEE-yah) – was selected to communicate the vision, mission, heart and soul of what the organization stands for: community, fellowship, interdependence – a sense of belonging – not just to those living in the home, but connectedness to the broader community in every way imaginable. Many adults with I/DD are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire, and willingness to work. Over the past two years, Koinonia has made great strides in aligning their day and vocational services with the State of Ohio Employment First philosophy – that all individuals shall be presumed capable of community employment if they choose.

From 24/7 care to drop-in services, they assist a wide range of adults and youth transitioning from school to the working world. Their staff has intense training in autism, medical care, mental health, behavior supports, and community membership, and includes direct support professionals, residential managers, nurses, program managers, and community coordinators. 

Looking forward, the next phase of the agency’s growth will be characterized by making even greater strides in the integration of people with I/DD in communities where they live and work.

Company Statistics:

Location: 6161 Oak Tree Boulevard, Suite 400 Independence, Ohio 44131 Cuyahoga County
Type of Industry: Nonprofit Human Services
Products/Services: Residential services providing nurturing home environments, day programs, and vocational/employment services.
Number of Current Employees: 530
Year Company Started: 1974
Website: www.koinoniahomes.org

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