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What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio and the Dayton Region are known for its generous and caring citizens. Last year alone, more than 14,000 grants totaling $49 million were awarded from Dayton Foundation funds to help nonprofits. Ohio also is blessed with innovative, hard-working individuals who strive to make the Greater Dayton region and state stronger today and for the next generation.

Description of business:

The Dayton Foundation has been helping people help others in the Greater Dayton region of Ohio and beyond since 1921. As a tax exempt community foundation, they help donors find the best and most tax-wise ways to achieve their charitable objectives; invest and manage donors’ charitable funds; and provide grants and leadership to help meet present and future community needs. The Foundation currently manages more than 3,400 charitable funds representing individuals, families and organizations with the collective purpose to do good and make a difference for the region.

Among the largest and oldest of nearly 800 community foundations in the nation, The Dayton Foundation ranks second in the number of charitable funds and third in the number of grants awarded. Since their founding, more than 290,000 grants totaling three-quarters of a billion dollars have been awarded to nonprofit organizations. 

The Dayton Foundation also brings people together and uses available resources to strengthen the region through community initiatives and special efforts, including Learn to Earn Dayton, to help increase the number of individuals with a marketable post-secondary credential, and Montgomery County Ohio College Promise, to help 500 poverty impacted students achieve their dreams of attending and graduating from college.

Company Statistics:

Location: 40 North Main Street, Suite 500 Dayton, Ohio 45423 Montgomery County
Type of Industry: Community Foundation
Products/Services: Provide philanthropic services for individuals, families and organizations; Award grants and offer expertise to nonprofits; Identify important community issues and convene people and organizations to help solve them.
Number of Current Employees: 35
Year Company Started: 1921

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