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Although our work has taken us all over the world (this month we're teaching Twitter in Norway and Sweden), Columbus is the perfect place for us. It's a top tech city, home to Ohio State, and full of amazing opportunities and amazingly smart, creative people.


The digital revolution is changing everything. In the next month, Americans will write more than 75 billion Facebook statuses, craft more than 12 billion tweets and watch more than 120 billion hours of YouTube. Today's audiences are used to getting their information in short, funny and fast bites. They simply aren't tuning in anymore to the same old academic presentations, annual reports or even emails.

These days the challenge isn't getting your message out -- there are more channels than ever for sharing information. No, today the real challenge is getting your message in.

Mindset Digital is here to educate, engage and coach you -- especially those of you in highly regulated industries -- on social media, the art of presentations and the ever-changing digital landscape. We'll help you get your crazy busy audiences to slow down, tune in and really hear what you have to say.

We'll work with you to fire up your approach, your message and your team (think keynote talks, social media camps, strategy sessions and interactive, fully customized online training). Because when passion and excitement shine through, you end up with stronger real-time communications that can reach, resonate and really make an impact.



100 W. Old Wilson Bridge Rd., Suite 205 , Worthington, Ohio 43085, Franklin County

Type of Industry: Training/Consulting
  1. Social media training (online sessions as well as in-person keynote talks and social media camps)
  2. Consulting in powerful presentation design and delivery
  3. Competitive analyses (showing how well you're doing in social media compared to your top competitors) and social media audits (showing what you're currently doing that works and doesn't) and sessions in executing new strategic approaches.
Number of Current Employees: 6
Year Company Started: 2011
Website: www.MindsetDigital.com

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