Wrap N' Ship Inc.


We are a family business with roots in the local community supporting local businesses with services designed to fit their needs. We have grown with many of our OH clients over the years offering services they may not get elsewhere. We take great pride in assisting them with growth and find it as a rewarding sense of accomplishment being part of their success.


Wrap n’ Ship, Inc. is a packaging and shipping service that has been operating in the Greater Toledo area since 1982. In 2005, while operating as a packing and shipping store, business was declining and we saw the urgent need to diversify into the growing e-commerce community and incorporated the fulfillment division WeFulFillIT.com. With the expanding web-based world, WeFulFillIT.com filled a niche’ market supplying cost-effective dependable order fulfillment for small business clients that elect to outsource their product distribution.

WeFulFillIT.com has continued to expand knowledge and technology over the last 32 years and also assists the international business community currently representing distribution for companies based in the United Kingdom, Australia, Chili, Canada, India, West Indies, and are currently negotiating with businesses in Argentina and Asia. By offering fulfillment services, we can assist businesses globally with product storage, packing and shipping services right from Ohio.

Wrap n’ Ship Inc. has grown over the last 32 years with a great reputation for customer service and providing high quality standards with no minimum order requirements that appeal to any size company. We were ranked by Inc. Magazine as 38 among Top Logistics & Transportation Companies in 2012.


Location: 5055 Enterprise Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43612, Lucas County
Type of Industry: e-commerce packaging fulfillment
Products/Services: Fulfillment packing and shipping
Number of Current Employees: 12
Year Company Started: 1982
Website: www.WeFulfillIt.com

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