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What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

We love the strong bond and friendliness associated with being an Ohio Buckeye, as well as Buckeye being our top selling cupcake! We also love the fact the ever-changing Ohio weather provides beautiful seasons that inspire our seasonal cupcake menu, from summertime Strawberry Shortcake to rich Autumn Pumpkin Spice.

Description of business:

’83 Sweets Cupcakes is a mother-daughter owned and operated cupcakery that has an ‘80s theme with more than 83 cupcake flavors sporting fun ‘80s-related names.

The ‘80s theme was chosen because it was unique, fun and something they could make personal, as well as relate-able. The ‘80s is also when the founder Alyssa Logan developed her love of baking - “That is when I was a small child and had the fondest memories of learning to bake with my grandma who was my sole inspiration.”

It is the handmade quality of their products and the ingredients that sets them apart. ’83 Sweets Cupcakes locally sources ingredients as much as possible, from farm fresh eggs, local honey and fresh strawberries, just to name a few.

As rigorous as the day-to-day baking can be, that’s nothing compared to their most stressful and victorious baking occasions – their two appearances on the Food Network reality competition show “Cupcake Wars,” of which the second appearance they won!

Company Statistics

Location: 18 Ridge Lane Lucasville, Ohio 45648 Scioto County
Type of Industry: Cupcake Shop/Bakery
Products/Services: Gourmet Cupcakes, Custom Cakes, French Macaroons
Number of Current Employees: 8
Year Company Started: Gourmet Cupcakes, Custom Cakes, French Macaroons
Website: www.83sweets.com

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