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What do you like about doing business in Ohio?

Ohio is the land of opportunity! As a woman, I love that I am able to own three minority businesses (Eagle Cliff Inn, Clearwater Homes, Inc. and Grape Escape, Inc.), each with minimal start-up funds, each different from the other, and one being nonprofit corporation. An attorney was not needed as all tools were easily provided and accessible on Gateway. More so, I love that I can provide such diversified services to persons not only in Ohio, but throughout the world!

Description of business:

On April 16, 1990, LuAnn and her husband Jerry moved into their new home in Geneva-on-the-Lake. While trying desperately to get some sleep that evening, they laid awake staring at the ceiling wondering what in the world they were thinking taking on such a huge task of refurbishing the dilapidated Eagle Cliff Hotel and Cottages. While Lu worked at a power plant, Jerry took on the task of refurbishing the hotel and cottages, pouring in his blood, sweat and tears all while raising their then-six-year old daughter. The cottages were ready in time for their first guests. In 2002, Eagle Cliff Hotel got its turn to be rehabilitated, gaining a new name (Eagle Cliff Inn) in addition to new floors, ceilings, walls and room arrangements. In addition to the hotel and cottages, LuAnn opened a nonprofit corporation, Clearwater Home, Inc., which provides residential and transportation services to persons with developmental disabilities, and a second corporation, the Grape Escape, Inc, which provides these individuals with a fun and innovative workplace to learn job skills.

Company Statistics

Location: 5354 Lake Road East Geneva, Ohio 44041 Ashtabula County
Type of Industry: Lodging/Personal Care
Products/Services: Bed & Breakfast Lodging, Residential Services & Workshop, Services for Disabled
Number of Current Employees: 50+
Year Company Started: 1990
Website: www.EagleCliffInn.com

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