Partnership for Innovation in Education - PIE

  • Partnership for Innovation in Education - PIE
  • Partnership for Innovation in Education - PIE
  • Partnership for Innovation in Education - PIE
  • Partnership for Innovation in Education - PIE


Featuring Ohio’s leading manufacturing, technology, health care, aerospace, cybersecurity, agriculture and engineering companies, the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) is honored to serve as the sole global developer of leading-edge, transformational K-16 curriculum using “hands on” problem-solving skillsets boosting participants’ academic achievement and career readiness.

Using a scalable process, PIE links education, business, arts and community stakeholders to create experiential challenges aligned to Ohio's 16 emerging career pathways marrying classroom learning with real world relevance.


Nicknamed by Ohio legislators as the "pipeline to hope” for students living in urban and rural School Districts, Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) creates transformational and results-driven educational tools preparing the 21st century workforce for success in the global marketplace. Partnering with leading universities, PIE develops programs using “hands on” active learning curriculum featuring Ohio companies in manufacturing, robotics, cybersecurity, logistics, aerospace, construction and agricultural industries with job simulations, mentoring networks, college credit and 100% job placement to student participants.

Using a proprietary system, PIE matches school districts with community and businesses partners who collaborate and develop a job simulation challenge, embedded with Content Standards and “real world” project deliverables. Students develop skills ranging from high-level critical thinking to problem identification and project planning. The environment is filled with energy and excitement among teachers, students and the sponsoring Ohio business. Educators receive “deeper learning” training, and they have the option to receive CEU’s for their work with the business and community partners as the challenge is created with their input and guidance.

PIE is the global leader of these “deeper learning”, case-based programs featuring Ohio companies, students and K-16 educators. PIE is an Ohio Straight A Fund and Community Connectors Grant Recipient (2013-2017), and a Serve Ohio, Ohio General Assembly and Office of The Ohio Governor and Lt. Governor honoree.


Location: 2538 Grandin Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208, Hamilton County
Type of Industry: Education, Economic Development, Workforce Readiness, Education Technology
  1. Development of Classroom-Ready Authentic, Experiential, Problem Solving Content featuring Ohio Companies in Emerging Career Pathways (ECP)
  2. Development, Deployment and Assessment of Leading-Edge Entrepreneurship, Empathy and Design Thinking Classroom Skillsets Using Embedded Analytical Tools
  3. Development of High School-College Credit Programs with Global, National and Regional Ohio Business Partners, with 100% Job Placement into Ohio Companies
  4. Creation of Educator Licensing, Professional Development and Simulated Career Exploration Tools Using Case Based (Deeper Learning) Models
  5. Access to University Scholarship and On-Campus Learning Programs, with 100% Job Placement
Number of Current Employees: 1 full time; 10 contractors (part-time)
Year Company Started: 2009

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