American Veteran Restoration


It is a special privilege to serve and work with Ohioans. While serving overseas, we would often reflect not just on our fellow Ohioans, but also found comfort in reflecting on local traditions. The people and traditions were what made it even more special returning home.

While our mission overseas was to serve and protect, our mission here is to rebuild and restore the lives of our friends and neighbors who supported us in our time of need. Returning the favor by rebuilding homes and restoring hope is amazing and fills us with pride.


American Veteran Restoration is a veteran-owned and operated emergency response and fire, water, mold restoration company. Established in 2010 as Phoenix Remediation by Greg Coulson, a proud Navy Veteran and Ohio resident. In 2013, they proudly renamed their company American Veteran Restoration, or AVR. All of their employees are honorable veterans who have served their country at one point or another from all over the world, serving in Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home in the States. Their staff ranges from infantrymen to military intelligence agents to medics, to engineers and so on. The majority of them have received a ribbon for serving from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom. They not only bring their restoration expertise to the table, but pride and respect in understanding the ups, downs and many needs involved when restoring someone’s home after they have just lost their livelihood and personal belongings.

AVR is an IICRC/IAQA certified restoration firm and a veteran-owned and operated business. They also have certifications for Indoor Environmental Professional, lead abatement and asbestos removal. They have handled construction projects all across America and in four countries. Their personal mission statement is to glorify God by providing sustained superior performance to their customers in their time of need and to honor American veterans with respect, work, encouragement, and most of all, peace of mind. Their emergency disaster response team is on call 24 hours, seven days a week. Using state-of-the art equipment, their highly trained staff has the ability to manage all aspects of disaster recovery in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas.

They support our brothers and sisters in any and all facets by employing vets and giving them the tools necessary to succeed at home.


Location: 95 Novner Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215, Hamilton County
Type of Industry: Emergency Response, Water and Fire Damage Restoration
 Products/Services: Emergency Response, Fire Damage Restoration, Flood/Water Damage Restoration
Number of Current Employees: 15-20
Year Company Started: 2010


*All information was submitted by the company.