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The people! Being an online retailer we sell all over the world but our Ohio customers are always so excited to support us. We have customers who message us just to let us know they ordered from us because we are an Ohio business. 


Bearded Botanicals™ is a husband and wife owned and operated company, located in Lima, Ohio. Joe "WeirdBeard" is a United States Marine Corps veteran and Karen "Doc" is a college professor. They began their journey of natural beard care products out of their own daily lifestyle of only eating whole foods and using natural healthcare products. They saw the market was limited on offering all natural beard care products with superior nutritional properties for facial skin and hair so they decided to make their own, which is how Ultimate Beard Liquor™ was created.

They are very passionate about their work and consider themselves lifelong learners, spending countless hours researching, developing and testing their products until they have made something they’re proud to share with the world. They’re desire as a company is to help every beardsman with any beard goal and budget. They feel cost should not keep someone from experiencing the best bearded version of themselves which is why they offer a wide variety of products so everyone can take care of their man pelt without breaking the bank.

Every product you buy, the first ingredient is love. That is because they truly put their heart into making their products and strive for creating high quality products that make growing a beard healthy and exciting. They care about the integrity of the products they sell, which is why they only use all natural organic ingredients oils (certified organic when possible) and prepare each bottle by hand. It is their promise to always strive to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price.



1345 Lutz Road, Lima, Ohio 45801, Allen County

Type of Industry:

Men’s Health & Beauty

Products/Services: Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Beard Balm
Number of Current Employees: 2
Year Company Started: 2014

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