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Highlights for Children has had a connection to Ohio since its beginning. In 1946, when Dr. Garry and Mrs. Caroline Myers started Highlights magazine, their printer was in Ohio. Our Corporate headquarters have been located in the Columbus area for decades. Over the years, as the business has grown, we have benefitted from the talent and hard work of many Ohioans.The quality of life and resources/attractions in Central Ohio have also been a great help in recruiting and relocating people to the state.


From its start, Highlights for Children has been committed to helping kids experience joy and fun through the use of their innate curiosity, creativity, imagination, and thinking ability. In 1946, Dr. Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers put their experience with and love of children together to create a magazine that did just that. With the belief that children are best taught values by seeing examples in stories and articles, the Myerses went on to include features like "Goofus and Gallant," "The Bear Family," and "Hidden Pictures" that have resonated with generations of children.

Today, 65 years and over 60 billion copies of the magazine later, Highlights for Children is still devoted to providing kids "Fun with a Purpose." Highlights for Children's dedication to helping kids become their best selves – creative, curious, confident, and caring individuals is still visible on every page of the magazine and in an expanding family of products from Highlights High Five, aimed at children ages 2 through 6, to the games, puzzles, and crafts in book clubs such as Puzzlemania, Puzzle Buzz, and Which Way USA?



Location: 1800 Watermark Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43216, Franklin County 
Type of Industry: Publishing-Periodicals

Highlights, Highlights High Five, Highlights Hidden Pictures Playground

Number of Current Employees: 700
Year Company Started: 1946
Website: www.Highlights.com

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