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I love to do business in Ohio because of the people. The Ohio agricultural community is a close knit, diverse group of people who work hard and have a lot of fun in their family businesses of all types throughout the state. Working with these people has been a joy for the last 40 years of my life.


Kalmbach Feeds was founded in 1963 by Milton and Ruth Kalmbach who shared a vision of a new way of doing business. Throughout the past 53 years, Kalmbach Feeds has continuously grown, profited every year, and has never had to layoff team members. The Kalmbach family has brought the company from a modest grind and mix feed mill, to the high tech, diversified and expanding operation that exists today. 

Though the nature of the feed business has changed, Kalmbach Feeds' standards of quality and value haven't. The Kalmbach Family's traditional core values have provided a compass for the company's direction and success over the past decades. They pride themselves on their flexibility in meeting their customers' needs. They realize there are vast differences in the goals and needs of their customers who raise and care for livestock and poultry. No matter what the situation, they will work to find a solution that will help their customers succeed. Kalmbach Feeds is proud to manufacture and market the following brands: Kalmbach Feeds, Tribute Equine Nutrition, Formula of Champions Show Feeds, Heartland Wildlife, and Kalmbach’s Organic Harvest.


Location: 7148 State Highway 199, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351, Wyandot County
Type of Industry: Animal Feed
Products/Services: Livestock feed for commercial farming operations, Equine feed, Poultry and other species feed for hobby farmers
Number of Current Employees: 500
Year Company Started: 1963
Website: www.KalmbachFeeds.com

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