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Ohio is home to many dedicated farming families and excellent soil and climate for growing food. Additionally, many Ohioans are passionate supporters of our state's agricultural economy and the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage embedded in strong local and regional food systems. Shagbark's products connect the dots.


Local food and farming are booming in Ohio. Shagbark Seed & Mill was started to connect farmers, bakers, chefs, and brewers toward good eating, good company, clean water, and healthy soil, to affirm that food security and strong economies are tied to organic, fresh, and local grain and bean varieties. After all, beans and grains account for most of the world's protein, calories, and cropland. 

It all begins with Shagbark’s Ohio bean and grain farmers. Next, their seed-cleaning facility removes all the dirt, weed seeds, and other debris from the harvest, and their miller grinds the flour, grits, and cereals. Then bakers, chefs, and tortilla makers turn Shagbark's whole grains and dry beans into delicious ready to eat food for your family.

Shagbark supplies Ohio-grown Organic bean and grain products to grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and universities throughout Ohio. They also work with food banks, pantries, and non-profits to provide high-nutrition staple foods to food insecure members of our community, through our Good Food for All Program. And of course, there are the brewers who make the finest Saisons and Pilsners.

Now you can enjoy the harvest of organic bean and grain crops - all grown and made in our region.


Location: 88 Columbus Circle, Athens, Ohio 45701, Athens County
Type of Industry: Agriculture and Food Manufacturing
Products/Services: Beans, Flours, Tortillas, and Crackers made from Ohio-grown Organic crops
Number of Current Employees: 18
Year Company Started: 2010

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