Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative


Ohio provides a variety of markets that we have relatively close access to (within 100 miles). Our markets appreciate our locally grown beef that is raised by young cattlemen and women that have a passion for quality and connecting directly to the consumer. It seems that the State of Ohio encourages the type of work we are doing as a cooperative, as well as delving into directly marketing our product to our customers. 


In 2016, three small family farms set out to form a cooperative in order to change the way in which the beef was sold off the farm. It literally began with a barnyard conversation about sustaining the family farm, recognizing that more and more consumers were interested in knowing where their beef comes from, and that their beef was already being raised based on the highest standards. They realized they were raising cattle the way more and more consumers wanted - so it just made sense to create their own market to sell consumers beef directly. As individuals, marketing directly to customers was difficult to keep up with - however, together as a cooperative, it could be done. Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative is able to maintain the quality management and animal husbandry standards of small farms - but at the same time, produce a larger supply of hale and hearty beef that their customers have come to love and expect. Their cooperative prides itself in the fact that they handle their own beef from start to finish - even to delivery at local meat markets. It gives them quality-control, as well as the ability to meet directly with their customers in order to continually communicate satisfaction with what they're delivering.  

Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative offers beef in a number of ways - the traditional 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef bulk options, or it can purchase by the piece from their online store. They can ship beef orders frozen fresh directly to their consumers’ door. Beef can also be purchased fresh out of the case from Lehr's Prime Market located in Milford, Ohio.


Location: 8346 George Miller Road, Russellville, Ohio 45168, Brown County
Type of Industry: Wholesale Meat/Cooperative for Ag. Development

Bulk Freezer Beef, Fresh Sides, Wholesale Beef Cuts

Number of Current Employees: 1
Year Company Started: 2016
Website: www.BuckeyeValleyBeef.com

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