The Quarry Farm - Nature Preserve & Conservation Farm


We enjoy the opportunity to connect with people who represent the heart of the US and appreciate the support of businesses and organizations that make our work possible through volunteering and financial contributions.


Stone quarries along Riley Creek were operated in the early 20th Century for flagstone and lime burning. The Sackett family ran such a business in the floodplain southeast of the mouth of Cranberry Run where it enters Riley Creek. Their quarrying operation hit springs that forced the business to relocate upstream. The Seitz family purchased what is now The Quarry Farm.


The quarry and Cranberry Run suffered from 1960s dredging. In the 1970s, Gerald and Laura (Seitz) Coburn managed the riparian corridor and woodland as a retreat and nature preserve. Today, volunteers continue to operate the Quarry Farm with the same mission in mind. The area is now home to birds, reptiles, amphibians and rare plants. Cranberry Run flows clear most of the year to the point of offering a clear plume of water to Riley Creek north of the Quarry Farm.

A c.1853 log cabin serves as a center for educational workshops and school tours. A farm animal sanctuary offers interactions in a nature-rich, peaceable kingdom as these birds and mammals heal from abuse and neglect. The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve and Conservation Farm board of directors is working to establish public access hours for hiking and educational events.

It is their goal and mission to provide the opportunity for people of all ages to increase their understanding of the natural environment of Northwest Ohio and to interact with their fellow inhabitants in a sustainable manner.


Location: 14321 Road 7L, Pandora, Ohio 45877, Putnam County
Type of Industry: Nature Education and Preserve

Educational Programs, Animal Sanctuary, Nature Preserve

Number of Current Employees: 100% Volunteer
Year Company Started: 2012

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