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Ohio is a thriving and dynamic state filled with hard working and dedicated people. We take great pride in being an Ohio based, Made in U.S.A., company and are continually impacted by the compassionate, strong, and loyal Ohioans who make up our community. With a team that has earned a reputation for premium quality and superior customer service through a strong work ethic, we are pleased to be in Ohio, “The heart of it all”!


Founded in 1972, Red Head Brass is the largest manufacturer of couplings and fittings for the domestic firefighting market. The company’s products are also utilized in industrial and oil & gas applications including water transportation to and from hydraulic fracturing wells and “big water” applications such as nuclear power, refinery fire suppression, and emergency water distribution. Quality of product and safety go hand-in-hand, and they have refused to “cut corners”, use gimmicks, or lower the quality of their product to achieve a sale. Although they value each and every sale, they value even more the safety and lives of those brave men and women who depend on the performance of their products. Red Head Brass is proud to label all of its manufactured products “Made in the U.S.A.” as it is a key indicator of quality and consistency in an industry where product safety is of critical importance.


Location: 643 Legion Drive, Shreve, Ohio 44676, Wayne County
Type of Industry: Manufacturer of machined products for the firefighting and fluid transfer markets
Products/Services: Hose Couplings, Fittings & Adapters and Engineered Fluid Transfer Components
Number of Current Employees: 64
Year Company Started: 1972

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