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Ohio has a skilled and well-educated workforce backed by a strong work ethic. The business infrastructure in place provides an excellent platform to design, manufacture and sell products throughout the world. We are proud to have been here since 1894. 


The Will-Burt Company traces its roots back to 1894 as a general repair shop which later produced drilling machines. In the early 1900’s, William Tschantz and Burton Cope launched a new venture in Orrville, Ohio. In 1918 the company was incorporated as The Will-Burt Company, a combination of their names.

In the early days Will-Burt manufactured parts for a variety of companies as they still do today. They also manufactured and sold coal stokers and furnaces, vises, meat grinders and like many other companies supported the troops of World War II by manufacturing components for the military.

Will-Burt has evolved over the years, while remaining true to the core values of quality products, innovation and exceeding customer expectations.  

Today they are the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile elevation solutions. They design and build telescopic masts, towers and positioners that allow their customers to elevate equipment such as cellular antennas, broadcast antennas, cameras and lights. A wide variety of industries throughout the world rely on their products. TV and radio broadcasters, cellular phone companies, border patrols and defense departments, along with first responders such as firefighters and police utilize Will-Burt elevation products to complete their missions safely and efficiently. They also offer the world’s only fully integrated access control and intrusion detection system approved by the USAF to keep critical assets safe and secure. Their world-class metal fabrication and powder-coat services are governed by ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

All of this is made possible by 300 employee-owners that continue to carry on the tradition and passion of quality, innovation and community.


Location: 169 South Main Street, Orrville, Ohio 44667, Wayne County
Type of Industry: Designs and manufactures mobile elevation solutions for first responders, military, broadcasters and cellular providers around the world. Metal fabricating and powder-coating services.

Night Scan Mobile Light Towers / Telescopic Mobile Mast Systems and Positioners / Powder Coating and Metal Fabrication Services

Number of Current Employees: 300
Year Company Started: Incorporated in1918. Began in 1894.

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