Process Instructions

If you are an eligible law enforcement official and want to redact your address from your local board of elections' website and the Secretary of State’s website, you can complete the Ohio Attorney General Request to Redact Form (click 'Request to Redact Address') and mail it to your local board of elections. Eligible law enforcement officials are listed in the paragraph at the top of the form.

Step 1:

Enter your full name on the first line.

Step 2:

Enter your county board of elections in the space provided after “the office of...”

Example: “Hocking County Board of Elections.”

Step 3:

Check the box that best describes your job.


Check the box that best describes your job

Step 4:

In the “Verify Employment” section, enter your employer’s name and address. Also provide a contact name and phone number for your employer.

Step 5:

In the box in the middle of the form enter the name of the link where your information is located.

Example: “Voter Data Files” or “Voter Information.”

In the box marked “Specific Web Address (URL),” enter the website address where you found your information.


In the box marked “Location Within Document of Address To Be Redacted,” enter where in the document you found your address.

Example: If it is an alphabetical list, you can just write “in alphabetical order.”

If your address appears in other locations, please list each location separately. Additional spaces are provided on the second page of the form.

Step 6:

Sign your name in the space provided for “Signature of Requester.”

Step 7:

Enter your address, telephone number, and/or email address in the spaces provided. This information will be used to contact you if the elections official has questions or is unable to process your request. If you do not wish to be contacted, check the space next to “I do not wish to provide contact information. I will contact the office for any explanation.”

Step 8:

Mail the completed form to your county board of elections. You can access the mailing address by clicking here.