Styling for Democracy. Now Vote!

Dear Fellow Ohioan,

I’m Secretary of State Frank LaRose, the chief elections officer in Ohio. We need your help to make sure every voice can be heard in Ohio's elections. There are nearly 4,000 polling locations in our state on Election Day and we need over 35,000 Ohioans to be poll workers on Election Day.

This is where you come in. For generations, beauty salons and barber shops have served as special places – as much a social hub as they are an economic engine. They are places not only to get hair care services but sanctuaries where neighbors can discuss politics and the issues of importance in the community. Therefore, I am encouraging your staff and students to sign up to be poll workers, register their family and friends to vote, and educate the community on requesting and completing absentee ballots.

Download a poster (PDF) to display in a prominent location in your establishment. More assets will be sent in the coming weeks as we prepare our communities to be ready for the next election.

Sign up today at and join the team to help ensure our elections remain fair and strong.

If you have any questions, please contact Henry Curtis IV at 614.715.0232 or [email protected]