Veteran Testimonials

  • David A Scott

    David A Scott

    SSgt, Air Force | 25 yr
    Petersburg mi
    My husband David passed away in 2003 while serving in Qatar. He also served during Desert Storm in the US Marine Corp. He loved his country and all it stands for. As does his daughter CHRISTINE SCOTT and myself. Thank you to all who served!
  • Harold W. Vail

    Harold W. Vail

    Commander, U.S. Navy
    Washington Court House, Ohio
    Commander Vail was a 1951 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 until retiring in 1974.
  • Everett E. Frazee

    Everett E. Frazee

    Pfc., Army, Air Corps | 1942-1944
    The veteran named above, was my father. He was a member of what's commonly known as the greatest generation. He grew up during the great depression and served as both a side gunner on a B-24 Liberator out of England, and ground crew member. I learned much from him about determination, sacrifice, self-reliance, and respect. Qualities that I'm afraid are lacking in many of our younger generation. He always considered voting one of the greatest privileges of living in this country. So I vote in his honor.
  • All Veterans

    All Veterans

    I vote in honor of my fellow Veterans. Those before me and those who came after me.
  • Emery Thomas Cline

    Emery Thomas Cline

    CMH3 E4, Navy
    Rayland, Ohio
    Emery always believed in standing up to defend and to preserve freedom, Like so many had done before him, to preserve our freedom.
  • Donald Zimmerli

    Donald Zimmerli

    Staff Segrant, Army
    Albany, WI
    Proud of my father for serving.
  • Fred Stingle

    Fred Stingle

    Spec E5, Army
    Smithfield, Ohio
    Proud of my husband for serving our Country.
  • Dale Knollinger

    Dale Knollinger

    PFC, Army
    Martins Ferry, Ohio
    Thank you for serving our Country.
  • Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan

    PFC, Army
    Moundsville, Wv
    Proud to say he has served in World War II for our Country.
  • Fred Kurtz

    Fred Kurtz

    Military Policy, Army
    Dillonvale, Ohio
    Proud that my husband served for our Country in Koren.

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