Veteran Testimonials

  • Philip Rehmert

    Philip Rehmert

    E-8, US Army
    Chris is an awesome mentor and still serves the community & his country as a poll worker.
  • John A. Bain

    John A. Bain

    E4, Army
  • Jennifer Robertson

    Jennifer Robertson

    E-5, Air Force
    Dedicated to helping veterans in the community and an honor to work with!!
  • 1st Sergeant David M Alford Sr

    1st Sergeant David M Alford Sr

    1st Sergeant , Marines | Apx 1958-1963 1978-1994 retired
    Hurricane WV
    1st Sergeant David M Alford Sr is my father…he has always been a pillar of the community…Marine…Deputy Sheriff…Sheriff…Putnam County Commissioner…he served two tours in Vietnam…he went from Marine reserve to active duty to serve during Desert Storm …he’s definitely been a father to look up to…he instilled in me a sense of participate in the voting process…I helped him with his first campaign when he ran for Sheriff when I was 18…he’s 80 years old now…I look at him still with pride and wonder as I did when I was a little girl …I delight in listening to his stories from home and abroad no matter how many times he tells them …he is my hero in many ways…once a Marine always a Marine…always my dad…Semper Fidelis
  • Victor Barbara

    Victor Barbara

    E-5, USMC
    Manorville, NY
    I have so much love and respect for Victor and all Vets. You will never know how appreciated and loved you all are!!
  • Stanley Hayner

    Stanley Hayner

    Air Force
    Leet, WV
    I am proud of my brother-in-law Stanley Hayner. He put his life on the line for our freedom.
  • Virgil R. Frank

    Virgil R. Frank

    SPC 4, Army
  • Alvis A. Akers Jr.

    Alvis A. Akers Jr.

    My dad was a proud Navy Seabee who loved his country and it is a very special privilege for me to vote in his honor.
  • Daniel J. Rielly Sr.

    Daniel J. Rielly Sr.

    My Father, miss him very much.
  • Marvin McConnell

    Marvin McConnell

    Sergeant, Army | WWII
    This was my father-in-law who was in Europe during WWII. He averted being killed and made it back to the USA to have my future wife.

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