Veteran Testimonials

  • Holly Davis

    Holly Davis

    SSGT, United States Air Force
    Waynesville, Ohio
    My daughter, a hard working AF active duty member!
  • Daniel W. Brown

    Daniel W. Brown

    Corporal, Marine Corps | WWII
    Morrow, Ohio
    He served during WWII on Iwo Jima. Always helped his neighbors and family when needed.
  • John Mihalcak

    John Mihalcak

    Not sure., Merchant Marines | Two years.
    New Middletown, Ohio
    I didn't know how much it meant to be a veteran when I was a child and could still talk to my grandfather about his service. He was proud of having fought in the war and was even more proud when the Merchant Marines were finally recognized for their military service. I vote in his honor because he inspired me to care about the country we live in and to not take freedom for granted. My grandfather witnessed men die so we could all stay free and he carried that pain throughout his life. To make sure his comrades did not die in vain I will continue to vote in John Mihalcak's memory.
  • Ronald OConner

    Ronald OConner

    Radioman 2nd Class, Navy | 1954 - 1958 (regular) 1958 - 1963 (Reserves)
    Williamsport, Ohio
    I am voting in Honor of my husband's service to our Country during the Korean Conflict. I am very proud of the fact he sacrificed his time, and gave up the comforts of home to serve and protect our freedoms, not knowing what his years in the Navy on an aircraft carrier would bring. I am honored to be his wife and partner and I sincerely thank him for his service.
  • Anthony Regnier

    Anthony Regnier

    Sergeant, USMC | 1992-2000
    I voted because I served to make sure we have this right and my oldest son is in Marine bootcamp as we speak.
  • Scott Eric Chester

    Scott Eric Chester

    2nd Lieutenant, Army | Seven years
    My son Scott joined the Army as an enlisted infantryman because he wanted to serve his country. Today he's a 2nd Lieutenant and leads a platoon. Scott and the men he works with make sacrifices that the rest of us are not asked to make. I thank God for Scott and every man and woman in the Army and in every service of our great country.
  • Donald R. Jochims

    Donald R. Jochims

    EN3, U.S. Navy | 1965 - 1969
    Dunlap, Iowa
    Donald is a Vietnam Veteran, he is Commander of Veteran's of Foreign Wars, Post 7477, and also a member of the American Legion. He assists with funerals of Veteran's and also with any need of Veteran's and their families. He goes above and beyond for any need that arises in our area. He is an elected member of the Hopedale Village Council and always tries his best to serve the needs of the community. He is a member of Sacred Heart Church where he serves as Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus.
  • carl wesley gorley

    carl wesley gorley

    seaman, us navy | 1943-1945
    zanesville ohio
    carl was oldest ln his training group, passed with his fellow trainees, and served in the pacific theatre until the end of the war. He never said much about his service unless asked. He just did his job.
  • Timothy Vernik

    Timothy Vernik

    Specialist, Army | 8 years
    Lima, Ohio
    My brother is serving this country and I am choosing to vote in honor of his service to our great country
  • SPC Joe Vernik

    SPC Joe Vernik

    SPC / E-4, ARMY | 2
    My Brother fights for freedom just like my Grandpa did and I did before he did. This will ensure everyone will be free to vote. This will allow my son to have and keep his freedoms and vote when he gets older

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