Veteran Testimonials

  • Thomas Kearns

    Thomas Kearns

    PFC, Marines
    He is very proud to be able to serve his country and still considers himself a Marine.
  • Harold Dean Hammersley

    Harold Dean Hammersley

    Proud to be the granddaughter and daughter of a Veteran of WWI and WWII
  • Del Johnson

    Del Johnson

    Sergeant, US Army
    It's an honor to vote for any Veteran who has supported the US and sacrificed freedoms and often their life.
  • Rebekah K. Morales

    Rebekah K. Morales

    Lance Corporal, USMC
    West Jefferson
    She is my daughter. Rebekah served 2 years overseas and served her country proudly! She's currently married to a Marine and serving in that capacity.
  • Leslie Rohm, Jr.

    Leslie Rohm, Jr.

    Unknow, Navy | Korea era
    Girard, Ohio
    My father always told me that "If you don't vote, you can't (complain)". When I was 18 years old, I really didn't know the scope of what he was saying. Over the years I have used this to many a person who gripes the loudest and yet does not even attempt to express their beliefs by going to the voting booth. Too much effort I guess or they've said that it doesn't matter anyway. Well Dad (God rest your soul) I've made it 65 years and have yet to miss an election because of your words 47 year ago and God willing will do so for a few more knowing that I fulfilled my part in being able to "(complain)" about things. Thanks Dad and to my son (active duty - Offutt AFB Omaha).
  • David Darnell

    David Darnell

    E-4, Army National Guard | 6 years
    Lewisport, KY
    David joined the military knowing he would be called to service in Iraq. He worked as a helicopter mechanic and flew many missions over the skies of Baghdad.
  • Michael E. Darnell Jr.

    Michael E. Darnell Jr.

    Sergeant (E-5), National Guard | 4 years
    Delaware OH
    Michael joined right out of high school and served a tour in Iraq when he was just 20 years old. After his tour of duty, he was honored to be selected to intern at Walter Reed Medical Hospital while earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He continues to support veterans to this day.
  • Michael E. Darnell Sr

    Michael E. Darnell Sr

    Specialist 4 (E-4), U.S. Army | 12 years
    Versailles Ohio
    Mike has always shown integrity and honor in all that he does. He joined the military to support his family and served 4 years full time in the Army, 4 years in the Army Reserve and 4 years in the National Guard.
  • Charles Brown

    Charles Brown

    My Husband - My Hero
  • Charles Brown

    Charles Brown

    My Father - My Hero

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