Veteran Testimonials

  • Lance Mingo and Clarence Mingo

    Lance Mingo and Clarence Mingo

    Lance/E-4 Clarence/ E-4, Marines and Army | Lance; 1988-1992 Clarence; 1990-1993
    30 years ago my brothers; Lance and Clarence Mingo fought with the coalition forces that liberated Kuwait during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. I thank God for their safe return home and for being an ever-present help in our nation's time of trouble.
  • Jack richmond

    Jack richmond

    Lt col, Army | WW2
    My grandfather was one the many men in my family line who served in the military which inspired me to serve.
  • carl Conover

    carl Conover

    unsure, Marines | unsure
    Xenia, OH
    Carl served as a Marine. He now serves as a Boy Scout troop leader. He also works for the Greene Co. BOE as seasonal staff for every election, no matter what the election brings. he is a dedicated member of society and is always gives more than he receives.
  • Mark Sendelbach

    Mark Sendelbach

    Sergeant, Air Force
    Mark kept B-52 bombers mechanically safe & sound to protect our country.
  • Douglas Schnabel, Michael Schnabel, Cody Schnabel and Chuck Hollis

    Douglas Schnabel, Michael Schnabel, Cody Schnabel and Chuck Hollis

    Army, Marine, Marine and Navy
    My father, uncle, brother and uncle-in-law all served in the military.
  • Jon Staci Davis

    Jon Staci Davis

    Staff Sergeant , Air Force | 1978-1999
    My uncle always told me that America was one of the greatest countries to ever live in and that there was no other place in the world like America in which to live. He felt it was a great privilege for him to serve his country and always stressed the importance of doing one's civic duty in voting and supporting the military. My uncle is one of many reasons why I am proud to be an American and I do my best to not take my freedoms for granted because of his service.
  • James M. Sullivan

    James M. Sullivan

    P03, Navy | 4 Years
    James was an active voter, his love for his country was like no other. He was a proud Navy officer and a proud American! I lost him in 2019 to cancer, but I will forever keep voting for him, as he told me my whole life it's the most important thing to do ... our right as an American... use our voice through our votes and be part of the solution. Miss you dad!!! This ones for you!
  • Faustian Rapczok

    Faustian Rapczok

    Army | WWII
    Newton Falls
    For giving up his youth to fight in World War II.
  • Lloyd Hockel

    Lloyd Hockel

    Lieutinent, Navy
    Hopkins, MN
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice for me and for this country.
  • Fredrick Grimm

    Fredrick Grimm

    PNL, Navy
    Honoring those who gave me the right to vote. Freedom isn't free.

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