Veteran Testimonials

  • Charles W Moatz

    Charles W Moatz

    Electricians Mate First Class, Navy | World War Il
    Beavercreek, OH
    My friend, Charles is truly a part of a great generation of true patriots who served their country with pride. I will be forever grateful for his willingness to defend my freedoms, including my right to vote. Our country is great because of him and people like him. Thank you, Sir, for your dedication & time.
  • Raymond F. Devenport

    Raymond F. Devenport

    Staff Sargent, Army | World War 2
    Buchtel, OH
    Served in World War 2. Received a bronze star. I am proud to have known him and learned from him.
  • Robert Zimmerman

    Robert Zimmerman

    E4, Army
    For my husband who voluntarily served this great nation with pride.
  • Harold E. Evans Sr.

    Harold E. Evans Sr.

    PFC, Marines | 1945
    Dayton Ohio
    I vote because my biological Grandfather, Harold E. Evans Sr., died for me to have the right to vote, to defend our country and to keep all Americans protected under our Constitution. My Grandfather died March 8th, 1945 in the battle at Iwo Jima. He is buried in Hawaii. Even though I have never had the honor of meeting him, I think of him often. Sadly, he didn't live to see his son become a US Marine or his granddaughter and grandson serve in the US Army. We carry the torch our Grandfather lit for our country and we will pass his legacy on. YES, I vote in honor of a veteran, my Grandfather, PFC Harold E. Evans, Sr. 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division. WWII
  • Tony Stephenson

    Tony Stephenson

    N. Carolina
    lifelong friend and mentor
  • Wilbur Wilson

    Wilbur Wilson

    CPL, Army
  • Arron Stratton

    Arron Stratton

    Sergeant, Marine Corps | 4 years
    Arron is my fiance, who I have two perfect sons with. He is a great role model for our boys and I will always respect his decision to fight for our country. I am so proud of him for the sacrifice he made. I hope our sons follow in his foot steps one day.
  • Larry E. Burgy Jr.

    Larry E. Burgy Jr.

    Corporal, Marine Corps | 4 years
    My marine husband taught me so many things. Love for my country, how to be strong, and to always be faithful. He is now in Heaven, but I will never forget the things I learned being a military wife. Semper Fi.
  • James Robideau

    James Robideau

    Lt. Col. , US Army | 32 years
    My husband has inspired me. His 32 years of faithful military service include two tours in Afghanistan (22 months). No one knows how the soldiers are affected by what they see and do, like a wife does. I'm thankful he came back with all ten fingers and toes. Many from his unit didn't. And some lost their lives.
  • Eugene Tucker

    Eugene Tucker

    E-9, Army | 26 years
    Colorado Springs
    My older brother was my inspiration and why I joined the Army in 1979. My brother served two tours in Vietnam was awarded the bronze star twice and was wounded. As a ranger in the /5th infantry division he saw a lot of action. His selfless service inspired me

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