Veteran Testimonials

  • Vincent Reddish

    Vincent Reddish

    Specialist, Army
    You made it possible that I can vote I love you. Thank you.
  • Larry Fisher

    Larry Fisher

    SPC4, Army
  • William Bagger

    William Bagger

    SGT, Air Force
    We grew up together and both served in the USAF. Went to college together and best friends for 72 years.
  • William Ashford

    William Ashford

    Private, Army
    North Hampton, UK
    Died in service - the ultimate sacrifice taken for granted by so many.
  • Brian Stokes

    Brian Stokes

    E-5, USN
    Bravest man I know loves America & I love him
  • Charles R. Demitt

    Charles R. Demitt

    Air Force
    I have many to vote for - from 2nd WW on. They each have kept us free & safe.
  • Franklin Anderson

    Franklin Anderson

    E-7, USANG & Army
    My father-in-law a real patriot!
  • Dano and my Brothers

    Dano and my Brothers

    Corporal, MARINE CORPS | 4 years
    Sandusky, Ohio
    I would like to thank and pay tribute and respect to my brothers in arms and the ones that came before us and paved the way for us to do what we can! SEMPER FIDELIS! OOHRAH!!!
  • Clifford Earl Thompson

    Clifford Earl Thompson

    He was my father. Taught me about my responsibility to vote.
  • John Joseph Schaub Sr.

    John Joseph Schaub Sr.

    Air Force
    He served 18 yrs until a medical discharge. Made me proud to be an AMERICAN!

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