Veteran Testimonials

  • Megan Hiester

    Megan Hiester

    E5, Navy | 8 years And currently serving
    My daughter Megan is currently serving in the US Navy. She has been deployed twice to the Middle East for 9-11- months. She is currently stationed on land, but returns to sea duty for the next 5 years. My husband is also a retired USCG Veteran, my Father was a retired Navy Veteran and I myself served 8 years in the USCG and am a Veteran. I will vote in honor of my daughter, my husband and my father.
  • Joshua S. Harmon

    Joshua S. Harmon

    CPL, Army | 2006 - 2007
    I was fortunate enough to serve with CPL Harmon as a fellow "Cacti" 2-35 Infantry Combat Medic. CPL Harmon gave his life on August 22, 2007 in Northern Iraq while protecting our countries freedom. I rarely get an opportunity to wear an "I voted today" button because I am an active duty Soldier that votes absentee. This program not only gives me the opportunity to show my willingness to vote, but to also to share CPL Harmon's story. God bless CPL Harmon, Service Members of the United States Military, and the United States of America.
  • Awalt Kelm, Jr.

    Awalt Kelm, Jr.

    Marines | 1970s
    New Bern, NC
    Both of my brothers were in the Marine Corps but my oldest brother, Awalt, passed away a couple of years ago. He was in Viet Nam three times during his time in the Marine Corps. I can't imagine that. I'm so thankful and appreciate him and all of our Vets for sacrificing their lives for America. It really brings me to my knees. Thank you, Awalt, for your sacrifice!
  • Morris Davis

    Morris Davis

    Army | Korea & WWII
    North Adams
    Morris Davis did Korea & WWII until he got hurt while serving his country. I am very proud of him even though he is no longer with us. He was a proud man for serving his country. Thank you
  • Hubert Allen

    Hubert Allen

    Sargent, Marines | Vietnam
    North Carolina
    Hubert served in Vietnam was very proud to served his country. I am a proud wife to have a wonderful man that served our country.
  • Stephen A. Fogarty

    Stephen A. Fogarty

    Staff Sgt E6, Army | Operation Iraqi Freedom
    New Lexington
    Stephen (Stony) is a 22yr Veteran. He was a paratrooper & Rigger. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Rex C. Crooks

    Rex C. Crooks

    Private, Army
    He was my father and I'm very proud of his service to our country
  • Carl David Stickdorn Sr.

    Carl David Stickdorn Sr.

    E5 Sgt., Marines
    New Lexington, Ohio
    My Veteran is very proud of his service and will go out of his way to thank a fellow Veteran for serving. He suffers daily with chronic pain but will talk and visit endlessly with his Veteran friends.
  • John H. Stone

    John H. Stone

    Master Gunnery Sgt., Marines
    Chillicothe, Ohio
    He served overseas V.N 4 different times. I am so proud of what he done for our country.
  • Harold Osler Hoone

    Harold Osler Hoone

    Private, Army | 1943-1945
    Smithfield, Pennsylvania
    My Grandfather at the age of 21 landed on Utah Beach. He was in the 101st Airborne Division, 327th Glider Infantry. He fought through Europe for democracy, freedom, humanity. He stood up for his country, beside his father Harry a WW 1 Veteran. My ancestor Edward Oursler was a Patriot for Freedom during the Revolutionary War. Then the Oslers fought during the Civil War. All were injured. All were heroes. All were Patriots.

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