Veteran Testimonials

  • William T. Smith Jr.

    William T. Smith Jr.

    Private, Army
    Martins Ferry
    They served our country so we could be free.
  • William T. Smith Jr.

    William T. Smith Jr.

    Private, Army | Vietnam
    Martins Ferry
    He went to Vietnam for our country. He received 2 Purple Hearts.
  • Robert E. Burke

    Robert E. Burke

    Newport, RI
    Voting was very important to my husband who recently passed away.
  • Bernard Conrad

    Bernard Conrad

    My grandfather, WWII Vet, 4th Marine battalions, 2 Purple Hearts
  • Harry Gray

    Harry Gray

    Seaman First Class, Navy
    To honor the ones who answered the call of our country.
  • Robert J. Schaefer

    Robert J. Schaefer

    E4, Navy
    I am voting for Robert because he proudly served voluntarily in a day of draft.
  • Victor Adamsky

    Victor Adamsky

    Sergeant, Army | WWII
    Mt. Pleasent
    My dad was a Purple Heart recipient. He served in Germany during WWII.
  • Scott McGirr

    Scott McGirr

    3rd Class Petty Officer, Navy
  • Charles Strizak Sr.

    Charles Strizak Sr.

    Private, Army | WWII
    My father served during WWII as a mech. working on planes in Newfoundland. He was 1 of 5 brothers, all served during the war.
  • Craig M Boston

    Craig M Boston

    SMSgt, 200th Red Horse ANG | 19 Feb 1986 - 19 Feb 2017
    Grand Rapids, OH
    I am proud to be the wife of a man who served our country in the ANG for 31 years, completing 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. God Bless our Vets ❤

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